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Skier's Edge ?

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Does anyone out there have any first hand knowledge/experience with the Skier's Edge training device? From what I hear and read on their site, they market their systems as both a technical trainer and a conditioning device. Just wondering if something like this would be of use or value. Your comments are appreciated.
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I used one during rehab when they put three screws in my right leg to hold my lower knee together. I only used it for a few times. What was more of a benefit was all the balance work I did with a big ball and different balance devices one leg at a time.
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I have had a Skiers Edge for 6 years or so. I don't use it as much as I did when it was new, but I still use it some for a few weeks before the season. Last year I started working out at a gym, which I find to be more beneficial.

I believe that the Skiers Edge offers some conditioning benefits for skiing and other activities which require lateral motion, and some cardio benefit if you use it vigorously enough.

As a technical trainer, I find that it encourages development of angulation between the upper and lower body and maintenance of a quiet upper body, particularly if you do your workout in front of a mirror or window where you can see your reflection. I think that it also helps with balance, especially if you do your workout without poles.

The downside in my opinion is that it can encourage pushing out on the outside ski, which on snow would translate to pushing out the tail. Also, the older model which I have does not do much to develop tipping movements of the feet. Supposedly the newer All Mountain Master model more closely simulates the movements of modern skiing, but I have no personal experience with the newer models.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate your time and efforts.


Thanks for the links to the prior posts. All told, I got alot of opinions on this system.
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