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Need tips on increasing instep room

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I have the Atomic CS 110 boot which skis very well for me, but I need a heck-ov-a-lot more instep room, right over the 1st cuniform bone. (That is, if I'm looking at the anatomy diagram correctly)

My bootfitter has removed the padding in the tongue over that area, but it still isn't nearly enough. I don't want to lower my foot in the boot because the heel pocket is already too big.

Can the shell be stretched above the instep, or will the plastic just resume its original shape?

What are the consequences of cutting out the tongue plastic right over the instep?

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A high instep is the worst thing to put in ski boot. No one haas a really good solution as far as I know. You could try grinding, but do it soon, while there's still time for your foot to heal before next season.
Cut the outside of the tongue before you remove any padding. It will make a huge difference. My first pair of Atomics came with a hole cut in the tongue, but I've had to cut every other pair myself. It's easy.
Use a single edge razor blade to cut a hole about the size of a quarter in the hard plastic top surface of the tongue, right over the boney bump on the top of your instep (is that the first cuniform?). Cut the edges so that they taper down to a fine edge, with the taper on the inside of the plastic.

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Hmm. i'll have to try that. I discovered i had nerve damage to my foot from this problem. Podiatrist ordered me to wear flip flops for six months int he hopes the nerves would repair themselves. Still waiting. he had no suggestions for how to fix the boots....
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BK knows.....

A little Dremeling with the little stones does a great job(on top of boot tongue).
It really is a great feeling afterwards....nothing beats circulation;-)
*One can try inserting a rather thin heel lift to change the angle that your peak rubs against the tongue and will pull it away...just enough, without changing much else. ..the MAIN thing is to keep other good fitting situations as is..when attempting anything....don't make the changes in a permanent way...not yet.
Have to watch it when resorting to stretching the plastic over the top....you most probably would end up creating more distance for the 2nd buckle to reach once it cooled.
There's plenty of Summer & Fall left Mom....others could probably have more to say..

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you keep the toe buckles open right?
thinner socks
make sure the heel is back in the boot (upper buckles)
try a heel lift
loosen/ keep open the lower two buckles
thin out the top of the tongue of the liner.
heat and stretch the liner a bit.
grind the shell in that one spot
thin footbed or go without a footbed for a while
thin boot board
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Appreciate the advice, thanks!

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Stvbck, Search boot advice here on Epic and you will see this subejct covered in length. I have same problem and took care of new boots last year, Nordica Speedmachine 10's. Cut center out of tongue pad about 1/2 in up center. Trick is to not take too much and leave on sides to afford you padding. B e careful with this and if you do take a little at a time. I also lowered my footbed about 1/8th of a in. but just under the arch not the rest of the footbed.

Good luck. I lived in Forestville for my 2yrto 12 yr time on earth. My borther went to Analy High. Sorry probably mispelled.
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My question is, "Why are you putting up with a heel pocket that is too big?" You can customize all you want for the high arch and if the heel isn't held down in a properly-sized heel pocket your foot is still going to move around in the boot. I have a high arch and have found the following necessary, in order of importance, for skiing comfortably with a properly supported foot:

1. Custom footbed. Aboulutely must have for the high arch foot. Until I had a custom footbed I was always trying to tighten the middle buckles too tightly to hold the foot in place. That can lead to the nerve damage you mention. A good custom footbed will support the foot under the high arch and allow supported skiing with the buckles much looser.

2. Grind the bottom of the footbed and the footbed platform to add height inside the boot.

3. For me, the final answer was a leather lined Zipfit custom inner boot. On top of # 1 and # 2 it provides additional purchase necessary to ski all day in comfort with unbelievable support and durability. The liners will last for 500 plus days of skiing. I'm in my second shell with the pair I have. Unless it is really cold I don't even unbuckle the boots at lunch.

Good luck, but my advice, in addition to the other mentioned techniques is to get some boots that fit proberly to start with.....or get the Zipfits and put them in the shells you already have.
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