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whistler for a day trip in late july

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My family and i will be in Vancouver for 2 days in late july. Just wondering if it is worth the effort to run up to Whistler to ski. My kids would get a kick out of skiing in July.
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If the weather happens to be good when you arrive, it will be a blast! You might get distracted by all the other things going on in Whistler this time of year, though. Bring your swimsuit, so you can enjoy the novelty of going swimming at Lost Lake less than hour after you've been skiing.
Hit the lifts at 11 am sharp, so you can maximize your time on the glacier. It's about 800 vertical feet of skiing with lots of terrain park features, two or three smooth groomers and a couple of mogul runs.
Even though there's enough snow from last winter to last until September, they decided earlier this year to only keep it open until July 29th, based upon average snowpack over the years. Who knows, maybe they'll extend it this year?
Here's some more photos/info:
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Originally Posted by jasoncapecod View Post
...run up to Whistler...
There is no "running up" to Whistler right now. They're in high gear tearing the road up to make it better in time for the Olympics. Be prepared for multiple long waits in the hot sun as the car idles.

You might get lucky, but maybe not. When I went up there in April it took 5 hours to get there from here in Bellingham. Coming home it took the usual 3.
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any idea what time are closures on the highway. is it all day along.
am planning a mountain bike trip on aug 1st.
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Here's a clip from today...
Still lots of snow left up there!
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Looks like a ton of snow from that clip!
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If you're in Vancouver it should take about 1-1.5 hours from Downtown to Squamish and then about another 40mins - 1hr from there (depending on roadworks). This depends what day of the week and what time of day. Just because it's rush hour doesn't mean there aren't stoppages. If you're returning on a Sunday afternoon/early evening then be prepared for much heavier traffic. If you're going up/down mid week then there is generally less traffic but more stoppages. During the night Mon-Thu it's generally closed altogether for a few hours.

I commute every day Squamish-Vancouver-Richmond & back ... I see more than my fair share of idiots on this road, usually going too fast & not paying attention. Please don't be one of those ;-)
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Incidentally, I took the Whistler gondola on Sunday & went for a bit of a hike (admittedly using the Peak Chair for a large part of it) ... anyways, there is still so much snow up there that some of the trails for hiking are closed. The green trail (Burnt Stew) leading from Harmony towards the new Symphony chair is still deep in snow so you can't really go that way ... I tend to go that route about this time of year so not being able to is a first for me.
The chutes on Harmony Ridge still have plenty snow too & the snow/ice drift at the side of the trail from Peak Chair to the top of the Saddle is at least 10 ft high in places. I remember it being like that a couple of years ago but there was nothing last year.

I took some pics on my camera phone but not sure how to post them ... even Shale Slope still had snow on all but the very top (which is basically a vertical piece of rock).

It's nice to be able to say, as the sign near Roundhouse did, that some hiking trails are closed 'cos of too much snow
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It will be interesting to see if very much glacial ice appears before the winter snow comes again (which is often as early as September). I saw a couple of small patches of blue ice on the Horstman Glacier while skiing on Saturday, but those were only there due to the snowcats scraping it up to build enormous jumps in the terrain park. I'd say average probe depths on the glacier would bring the current snowpack at somewhere between 100 and 200 cm, but I'd have to call the ski patrol to see if they know for sure.
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I hope nobody else reading this was held up today as a result of yet another land slide, this time just as the 4 lane stretch comes to an end just a few km before Horseshoe Bay (heading south). That made for a 4.5 hr return trip from work .. what I particularly appreciated as I am sure did others was then being held up twice more on the way to Squamish as they were still doing the scheduled roadworks, despite some folks already having been delayed over 4 hrs. Oh well I guess someone knew what they were doing OK, rant over At least I got to see a beautiful sunset ... 'cos I'm not normally getting in from work at 10:15pm!
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