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clinics for mens problems

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Since the women spend so much time and energy on differentiation and working and demanding clinics on their "special problems", seems to me that if, they are that different ............

If the men held "mens only" clinics, that would be sexist?...... But, as the women are pointing out, they clearly ARE different and need special orientation. By inference, we men ARE different .... and, should have our own clinics and training.....

Confused? You betcha!

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Not wanting to agree with you, because I like having mixed groups, but...

In the 70's(?) a study (how big?) was done at a destination area (which one?) to determine which sex could learn to ski quicker during a ski week idea.

Spouses would start off together, but by the third day, there was a big difference in "favor" of the men skiing more terrain.

The discussion lead to the following: men "muscled" there way through the turns with no regard to proper technique, while women wanted to do it "right" and were trying to learn the style. Men were less afraid of speed and falling than the wives.

So, maybe men should have their own clinics. Learn to be more sensitive, caring of the hard working instructors and learn listening skills so they can do it correctly. Respect of the art of skiing rather than the total disregard for human life, or at least broken bones!

Or were you implying that the men's clinics should teach them how to be thrillseekers and leave widows behind? (please check to make sure everyone's life insurance is fully paid).
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IMHO, women in the initial classes are my favorite students hands down. They have the ability to listen and do NOT have any preconceptions ...... they don't try to lean/shoulder/muscle their way through turns.

I did not come up with this topic, it was synthetic and distilled from the comments of nolobolono et al.

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Clinics for men's problems at ski resorts? But the most common problem is the 10-1 male to female ratio. How's a men's only clinic going to help that?
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That's funny. A male instructor asked our women's workshop the same thing at Okemo last year.
I told him that would be great! When you get off the lift the instructor says that whoever stops to look at the scenary is a woos! Just get down as fast as you can, don't worry about how good your form is, whaddya' think, this is some kind of pansey fashion show! Take no prisonors dudes!

Tongue firmly in cheek! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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i am not sexist or misogin but i really think men have real better capacity to learn and achieve proficiency and even excellence in far more and important domains than women
Who are the best painters, cooks, writers, film makers,politicians,...you name it! Men are!!
I dont think that is because men have more chances due to the type of society we live in, cause in the last century opportunities were kind of equal.
Briefly, i think men and women must be equal in rights, but nature made them more gifted in most domains. :
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Danone, quick! Get your fire suit on! :
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I was actually thinking of buying a red traditional ski suite! , milesb
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Turning and therapy. Now there's a good idea!

"Kum by ya my Lord, kum by ya..."
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I think we can infer that the reason we don't see men's only clinics promoted is because it isn't necessary. All you need to do is call it Xtreme and you pretty much have your men's only clinic. If a woman signs up, all the better: someone to show off for, to embarrass with a fish joke, to motivate the group (if she can do it, you can do it)...

I must say, I feel very powerful to have compelled Yuki to post "my" topic without even having to discipline him with the bullwhip.

Seriously, I teach a couple of women's classes and a mixed adults class. They are two hours, once a week, for 10 weeks. The mixed group is more interested in technique and skiing the gnarly than the women's group, who sometimes complain bitterly about the places I take them and then later thay say, "Thank you so much for taking us there!"

Teaching women can be a high stress job because women tend to require more maintenance and support. I have to watch my sense of humor with the mixed adults--sometimes I step over the line of deviance and the guys get uncomfortable. The women's groups like a little naughty stuff--sometimes they step over the line of deviance and I get a little uncomfortable!

What is interesting is that the women in my groups are now signing their husbands up for lessons in my mixed adults group. One female student is going to take both the women's and the mixed classes.

Men, women, kids: they are all great to have in lessons. I don't discriminate, but there are differences that must be addressed. The classic linear progression is not going to be as successful with women as with men. Guided discovery and reciprocal teaching is going to be more successful with women than with men. That's a generalization and there will be exceptions, of course.
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When i clicked on this thread, I didn't know what to expect...

A discussion of Rogain & Viagra maybe?
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Just when I was forming a favorable impression of you.

Still, I like a man in a snap-e-Tom red ski suit. It says "La Vida Loca" and tells me this guy can dance the polka and probably the mazurka too.

You are such a wild and crazy guy!
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Troll Alert, Troll Alert!!! Don't go there guys you can't win.
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Two scenarios:

Our dojo has two women who have trained without complaining for years. They run in the snow barefoot during winter camp and are among the first in lineup every time. They are equals in every sense of the word. The key here is they never have special needs.... we all do ..... I'm older with a bad hip, but we all train at 100%.

A woman instructor who has a daughter on the race team and is a "PC" maven, approached us the other and demanded that the "male chauvinist pigs better start being sensitive and wait to ride the lift with her daughter". She was dressed down pretty quickly by a coach and was told that the "team" is not going to start skiing slower ..... it is a race team .... when she can keep up the pace the guys will ride with her. They are nice to her in the lodge and socially but this NAZI wanted us to enforce a "slow down".

BTW, I only get pissed when I hear women whine ....... "I can't" ....... what I hear is "I won't".
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When I was directing I took a close look at what we called "Ladies Day" - where we offered specialized womens clinics. I talked to lots of customers and instructors, and decided to retain the clinics.

The main reason for the seperate clinics is that many women mention that they feel that the men are all involved in an ego contest which is counter productive to open learning. This is clearly not always the case, but regardless - many women find they get more work accomplished in an all-women clinic. An old ski instructors adage is "Women Boost, Men Boast" - meaning that women tend to boost each other up in a ski lesson, support and compliment each other. Men tend to boast about themselves and try and one-up each other.

If this bruises any egos - don't yell at me, I'm simply passing along what women have expressed to me about why they enjoy all women clinics.

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If I sign up for the clinic, will they show me how to retake my garage and work bench as this has become the only acceptable location for clutter in her house? Also, I’d like to try and negotiate things so I can have my spine back on weekends. She can keep my spine mounted above the fireplace the other 5 days of the week. Seems fair to me. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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I found this observation useful when I was learning to ski; women tend to be realistic about their ability or underestimate it by one full level; men tend to exagerate their ability by at least one full level, sometimes two. So, in group lessons, as a guy, if I rounded my number down to say, a level six or seven class, it would have more women in it, and the women would be better skiers than a class full of guys thinking (wishing) they were level eights and falling all over the mountain and you getting cold feet waiting for them to pick their sorry arses up. :

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I think women are more prudent with their abilities, men wanna get macho on skis quickly. A tipical case of womanly wisdom!
But U should just see the girls in downhill ride! They excite me!
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Oh yeah! I've been doing this full time for too long, because if I see two women standing side by side, if one is in race/ hard core skier garb . . . she immediately looks by far the most attractive to me!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> because if I see two women standing side by side, if one is in race/ hard core skier garb . . . she immediately looks by far the most attractive to me!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hell yea! I wish all women would ski in speed suits!

But anyway, Y'all might find this interesting... I copied it from the calendar section of the local paper:

J 26-27 - Guts and Glory This men-only, advanced snowboard clinic will bring out the effects of mixing testosterone and snow. The $200 cost includes tix, 4-hour workshop each day, lunch and party. S@T 530-659-7453.


Have at it kids! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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