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All mountain skis

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I am in the market for a pair of all mountain skis to do what my short slaloms can't, off piste, powder, trees, and bumps.
I am 160lb level 8.
Thinking of
Pilot10 Screams 170 or 180, I seem to be between sizes ?
Bandit XX 177 or ModX or Mod X pro size ?? maybe the X is to soft and the pro to stiff?.
Any comments gratefully recieved
Thanks from a windy wet Scotland.
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If you're going for moderate powder ability, and still hold on hard snow, I'd suggest the Volkl Vertigo Motion or G3 (same skis, different bindings).

Compared to the Axis X, they have a much lighter shovel (and just as wide), so they float GREAT in mid-powder, or any cut-up soft stuff. REAL fun.

I own em, and I think they're the best ski ever made. I'd also suggest the XX, that's also great. You couldn't go wrong with either.
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G3 is FUN!
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I currently ski the AX-Pro in a 188 and love it. However, most folks would be fine with it in a 181. It does well at speed and in the crud. The Axis X is a slam dunk, and does just about everything well - 181 in that as well. I didn't like the Pilot 10 Scream, although I really enjoy the Series. Try it and you decide. The Bandit XX is probably one of the happiest mediums out there. The 184 is so much fun. With the turned up tail, it skis and feels shorter. It has is a nice fit between the AX and AX-Pro. It loves crud and and handles the hard-pack well. I also was impressed with the turn variety capable with these...short to long to in between.
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I agree with BanditMan. To qualify on Terrapin's discussion of Volkl and K2 midfats, be aware that the Axis X Pro has a stiffer shovel than the Axis X and therefore, compared to the Axis X the Axis X Pro prefers to slice rather than float in many situations. I'm not sure I agree that the Volkl Vertigo G3 and Vertigo Motion have a softer shovel than the Axis X. But in any case, the Axis X, Axis X Pro, Vertigo G3 and Vertigo Motion all are excellent choices.

Hey BanditMan, did you check out my "Attention:..." thread?
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Kneissl rail 111-72-101 170cm or 180cm great ski all mountain conditions. Soft flex great in bumps but torsonally strong so hold on hard pack. 2003 ski out around demos now give it a try.
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If you already have a pair of shorty slaloms, why not complement them with some fat skis? Great for anything off-piste, and many like the G4 are surprisingly versatile.
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The Axis X Pro would be a great choice if you wanted one ski to do everything. But with a 70mm waist, it's really not that wide if you're going to ski a lot of deep snow. I was looking for the exact same thing as you, and ended up with the Dynastar Intuitiv 74 in a 182. With a 74mm waist and 113mm tip it's kind of in between a mid-fat and a fat ski. I have not skied it yet, but all the reviews said it pretty much skis everything great. I'm looking forward to trying it out next weekend.
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Demo if you can. A 175 cm ski length seems right, but if your "short"slaloms are of the old pencil [ traditional] shaped skis, the new skis can be skied shorter. Therefore a 170 cm. ski might be the right length,

I am also assuning that you do most, if not all of your skiing in Scotland, where the closeness to sea level and high moisture content snow would create skiiing conditions that often consist of very hard packed snow that is often icey.

I think Volkl and the new Volants that are suppose be be made in Austria would be two lines to consider. Here in the USA I ski mostly in Michigan on hard pack and often icey conditions, and find Volants work well for me.

Currently, my favourite ski is the T3 Power in 180 cm length.I weigh over 200 lbs, 6'1" tall, and I am about a 7-8 level skier, and on really good days perhaps approaching a 9.
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Thanks for the input guys, My slaloms are Head world cup in a 165 which are superb on the narrow and icy runs we mostly have here.
Due to the deals being offered i am mostly limited to the BanditXX, the K2 mods or the Scream10 Pilot and will be using them occasionally in Scotland but hope to get to the US west or the Alps for an extended period where I will use them for anything soft and off piste though they must be good in the bumps as well.
Due to he sizing issue I am leaning to the BanditXX but worry about the bumps performance of such a wide waisted ski, the Axis X seems better but how would it do on hard packed open bowls?.
You are spot on about the conditions here Wink just add some boiler plate and yesterdays 70 mph wind and you have it!.
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Hey Paul,

Why not get the skis that serve you best in Scotland, and rent the skis you will need when you come to North America. Often you can prearrange, often via email, to rent high performance skis, but plan ahead.
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