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Jackson Hole drive from Utah

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How long is the drive from snowbird/salt lake city to Jackson Hole. Are we better off flying. Is it a safe drive in a storm.

Many thanks
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Fint, I have done this a few times during end of January and beginning of February. It can take 5 to 6+ hours to drive from SLC to Jackson, Wy. There is a VAN that leaves from the SLC airport everyday around noon that goes to Jackson, WY . If there is a storm Teton Pass may be closed.

Difficult to answer the question is it safe to drive. Lets just say its not as bad as that Discovery show ICE Road Truckers. It can be a challenging drive. I have driven it twice when it was snowing a bit and there was over 6 inches of snow on the roads at times. I know people that live here in upstate NY that have done the round trip drive 5 times in all sorts of weather and may do it again this year. If you don't have a lot of experience driving in snow, then I would say you should not make the drive from SLC to JH.

Here is one plan that we have done multiple times. We fly into SLC, rent a car at the airport, drive less than an hour north to Ogden, Utah and find a hotel for the night. Get up early in the morning drive less than an hour to Powder mountain near Ogden and ski there until about 2am and then drive to Jackson.

Another option that I have done is to fly into SLC and ski there for three days, on the fourth rest day take the VAN from the airport at noon to Jackson, ski at JH, then fly home from Jackson. Because we had the time and we wanted a challenge (plus bragging rights) we took the SLC TRAX and bus from our hotel south of SLC to the airport and it cost us $1.40 with transfer.
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Book a rental car but make alternate plans.

I wouldn't bother with flying unless you're just transfering at SLC on arrival. If it snow enough to close the pass, chances are equally good that the flights are grounded.

In general, once the snow stops coming down, roads are plowed and the route to JH is major enough it should get plowed pretty quickly. But WHILE the snow is coming down, ANY driving is hairy, mountain passes MUCH more so.

Van transfer is a good alternative, assuming they're using 4 wheel drives and snow tires. Equipment does make a huge difference WHEN it's actually snowing...
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There seem to be a number of flights to JH from SLC. Does anyone know about what they cost? If cheap enough, it might not be worth driving.
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Originally Posted by Robscapes View Post
There seem to be a number of flights to JH from SLC. Does anyone know about what they cost? If cheap enough, it might not be worth driving.
It is significantly less money to drive or take the VAN compared to a flight. The VAN will not loose or break your skis.

JH Express VAN
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I used to go to Logan than over the pass to Bear Lake to Montpelier, ID then thru Star Valley to Alpine thru Snake River Canyon to Hoback Junc to Jackson.

Some take the interstate north to Pokie, either way your going to have to go over a major mountain Pass.
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