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You're Not Getting Older....

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Love the part about the gear in the metal shopping cart!
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The older I get, the better I feel about tearing up parking tickets and cheating on my taxes.
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It is really inspiring, is'nt it? If you think of all the health issues that seniors are known to have, low cold problems, balance, etc., what bettter way to ward off these problems than skiing.

Not to be flippant, but I once saw a special about some kind of treatment for alzheimers. A woman of significant years was talking about how she no longer got lost on the trails after this treatment.
Wonder if it can be used by people who don't have alzheimers?

BTW, one of my best instructors is a 76 year old woman at Sugarloaf. You should see her rip past the young kids!
[img]smile.gif[/img] And as I've said in other posts, her teaching style is NOT nurturing!

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Rode the lift with an OHG lady (Over The Hill Gang) last Sunday. We get to talking about how her grandkids ask her why she still skis. She says, "why not?". She had an awesome spry attitude and a thin wirey body to match her dark tan.

I was skiing in uniform that day because I had work up at PHQ (Patrol Headquarters.) She asks if that was me she saw tele skiing off of Union Bowl. "Yep, that was me." I asked, "You were skiing the bowl too?" Sure enough!

I'm talking 70+ here. Boy was I impressed. She hiked up to Union Peak from Sierra Lift with Chubbs on her shoulder and then skied down the Bowl. It's a burly 10 minute hike that ascends about 300 feet of vertical at 12,000 feet above sea level.

Now that's some inspiring stuff right there!

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My grandma and grandpa are still rippin it up!
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Next season I'll be wearing that "70+" patch on my jacket [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Right, she goes on my Role Models for the Future list too. In fact, I'll put her right at the top!

PinHed, if you meet her again, see if you can persuade her to pass by here sometime - bet you anything she surfs as well!

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wow! this was the first post i read this morning. . . .i don't even need coffee now!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ott Gangl:
Next season I'll be wearing that "70+" patch on my jacket [img]smile.gif[/img]


Congrats Ott. :
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70 means free skiing for Ott!!

An everyday conversation with Ott...

Ott: "Why, thank you young lady. I'm often told I look every bit the 50 year old stud. I tell you it's the skiing and running from young gals like you that keeps me so young." : :
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"I'm a 20-year-old with 50 years of experience"

Seen on a t-shirt at Tarpon Springs ,Florida, a couple of weeks ago.

But really, I have no problems being my age, it's been a goood ride so far and will be well into the future if I can stay out of the way of snowboarders

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At Mad River Mt. Ohio we have at least 5 instructors in their 70's.
Of course we don't have the retirement plan Ott has.
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Tom, why don't you talk to your director and ask him to contact Rick Cunningham at BM/BW about that retirement plan.

Offering free skiing at the areas for LIFE after 20 years of continuing service as an instructor or a patrol person is a HUGE incentive for instructors to stick it out for those 20+ years.

I retired from active teaching at age 56 and Ann a couple of years later and we skied 3-4 times a week all winter since then, free.

BTW, we also have a bunch of old timers as intructors. Many say it gets them out of the house and others do it because their families get free skiing as long as they instruct. And one more reason is that they are available during working hours when most of the part timers are either working or in school.

How was your season, Tom?

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It sure is wonderful having something to aspire to! A handful of years left to go and than I'll be a weekday skier also. [img]smile.gif[/img]

The group I ski with are all about the same age and we'll all be retiring within a few years off each other. We'll be creating a new Over The Hill gang and enjoying every minute of it.
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What an inspiring crowd!

I'll add them to my list of Role Models for the Future, which already includes the likes of Scottish marathon runner Jennie Wood-Allen, 90 this year.

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One should remember that the alternative to "getting old" is not good. I sometimes wonder how I made fifty. The cemetaries are full of people younger than us. Go Ott!!!!!
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Right on Lars, you go Ott...we will try to keep up.
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