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Meet the Carver

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This looks like a great time to me, but then again, I enjoy high speed railed turns on skis, and performance motorcycles. Are you ready? The video quality is poor, but I kind of get the idea that us old guys can get our kicks on Route 66.

The carver

Bringing the center of gravity to the inside of a turn. while allowing weight transfer to the outside. What a concept!
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You should post this in the Summer fun car for the skier thread in Gear
Sure looks like fun to me.
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How's it do in the snow?
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It actually looks like a practical commuter, 60 mpg I would guess.

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Where would you put the skis? Always had the same question about the Morgan trike.
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Definitely looks fun
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I got my own version today. I'll freely admit its not as "carvy? as my last sports bike, but I might get to keep my license. :

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