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Destination suggestions

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This may need to be moved... but where.

We have skied the last few years at Alta/Bird and looking for something different...either out of SLC or DEN. Full service resort (not the Deer Valley, Vail or Aspen type), lots of blue/black, not so much of the really steep stuff. Notable ski school for the kids. Plus any of the other reasons a family of five would have...decent value, etc.

If you have any tips on accomodations too, that would be great.

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Big Sky/ Moonlight Basin Montana.

They share a mountain, great skiing (they have good and bad snow years, however). They are full resorts but not in the Aspen/ Vail sense.

Montana is an amazingly beautiful state that should be seen.
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...either out of SLC or DEN

Thanks, I am sure there are plenty of other potential destinations, but need to work our to either SLC or DEN.

Thought you guys would know (off the top of your head) which mountain would make a good destination for doing the family thing?

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Breckenridge would seem to fit the ticket. Quite a bit of variety, good ski school, and as steep as you like -- but most is quite tame.

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Any/all of Summit County in CO, Winter Park CO, Park City/Canyons in UT.
Someone else recently asked about Keystone (in Summit Co) and here were some comments I had:
I stayed there for most of a week this past season. Otherwise, never been before, so here is tourist's impression:
River Run is a nice, condo-centric base area about 80 miles from Denver Int'l Airport via good roads. Appeared to have much of the newest development at Keystone. I stayed at pleasing early 21st century condo called The Springs, couple hundred yards from the slopes. Best thing I liked at River Run was the convenience of riding two back to back gondolas 1st thing in AM to quickly access furthest reaches of resort and then ski my way back to condo for lunch or end of day. There was also a very long crowd eating HSQ that paralleled the 1st gondola for even faster uphill travel out of River Run base. The base is at about 9300' so you're likely to get pretty decent conditions at almost any time you visit during ski season.
I ate in my condo the whole time with family, so did not experience much of the small covey of shops, restaurants and couple bars. They could keep you busy for a few nights, then I think you'll need to go to Frisco (5 miles) or Breckenridge (about 25 minutes) to get more of that. There is a big ice skating area at River Run. For a "fourth time skier" the lifts out of River Run serve some real fine beginner-intermediate terrain on the front face of Keystone (Dercum Mtn), some of the easy runs go for 3 miles. If you are there on lower-crowd weekdays or fringe season I think you'll really enjoy that terrain. Schoolmarm trail features some gorgeous scenery with slopes 200 yrds wide in some spots. The other parts of the ski area have more difficult terrain, but it seemed like there is a nice intermediate trail from the top of almost every lift in the resort.
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If you want to go to Utah, Odgen can be a good family destination. Powder Mountain gets lots of snow but not too many skiers. It's a huge area although only about 7 lifts. Either stay on the mountain or pick a day when it's not snowing - the drive up there is not fun when it's snowing or slippery.
The other place out of Odgen is Snowbasin - lots of blues and blacks but not extreme. It's easy to get to since they built a road for the Olympics. Two Gondolas from bottom to top make it a great place when the weather is not too good. The negative about Snowbasin is that you have to stay in Ogden or Eden as they have no on mtn lodging.
Even though it's a 30 min drive from Ogden to PM or 20 min to Snowbasin, we like the price of lodging and food (plenty of variety) in Ogden.
Hope you have fun.
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Have to second Breckenridge as a good destination for what you're looking for, and they have a great little authentic town as well. Keystone could also be on your short list - lots of varied terrain.

In Utah, Powdermountain is a good choice, and close to it is Snowbasin that I first went to this year, but am already planning to go back to - class act.
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Thanks everyone...this year it will be Breck. Have not been there in 10 seasons...looking forward to it.
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Good choice if you don't mind lame blues/ blacks. Only 4 runs (plus the one from the T bar) are nice and steep. But a great town and gentle mountain!
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