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Cars vs. Trees

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The battle mother nature vs man made machine, random but funny
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A friend of my brother cut his station wagon in half, just behind the driver's doors using a tree. The amazing thing is he's still walking and talking.
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40 years ago, I missed "screwing the pooch" by just inches. The rear axle took the impact. The car would have been cut in half if it was just inches forward or, the gas tank would have gone up if was a few inches aft. Tree and car pics give me the creeps.

On a lighter note, a few years ago I sold a friend a pair of Stockli SC's. Just weeks later, a massive ice storm came through Pennsylvania and took out thousands of trees. His wife called to tell me that when they heard a major crash outside, he ran out to find his new Chevy Suburban crushed under a tree in driveway.

She said the first words out of his mouth were "Oh NO, my Stockli's".

The skis were fine, the Chevy was totaled.
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Haha, there's a man with his priorities straight!
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I like the one where the car is pinned between the wall and the tree. It looks like it was driving with its wheels on the wall. I'd love to have seen how that one happened.........::: :::
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Wasn't that bad but I managed to do something like that within the first few weeks I had my license.

Out to "cruise the strip" and be cool with the guys .... There I was in my 396 Chevelle Super Sport and we were doing like a buck and change ...

Ok, I lied, it was my Mom's Corvair Monza with a whopping 110 pony power engine, anyhoo, one of the guys says ..

"The cops! Floor it and turn fast"

I did. Just to be funny. :

Well, the cops were behind me and watched my slide into a driveway, jump the curb and wedge the car (no body damage, one rim slightly bent), between the stone entry sign to an apartment complex and a small tree. We had to jack and push, jack and push to get the car out.

Next town over from where my Dad was a cop and the guy gave me some interesting options. "Go home and tell the truth or go home and make up some story; I may call your dad and then, I may not call your dad"

I lied ... and (I think), got away with it ... "The Ol' Man" has been dead for over thirty years and if he knew he took it with him.

The guy in the back who hollered to turn ... just retired as an LT with the same department.
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Yes, but how long did you walk around wondering if/when the ol'Man was going "talk" to you about it?
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It was quite a funeral when "The Ol' Man" died.
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Reminds me of my days driving a tow truck in Seattle way back when. Now there's an interesting occupation - everyday a new adventure. One of my more unusual calls was for a '53 Studebaker which in itself was unusual except I found the car with a very strange dent on top of the hood with enough force to cause the alternator and bracket to tear through (heavy metal in those old cars). As I was hooking the car up a newspaper reporter arrived wanting to know if this was the car that was hit by the piece of ice.... FROM THE AIRPLANE! Then there was the time I went to a private residence to haul a car to a body shop. The lady opened the garage door to reveal a brand new Chevy with every bit of glass and every light smashed out of it and worst of all virtually every square inch of metal had been dented DEEPLY with a hammer! She didn't offer so much as a hint of the story behind it but my guess was somebody was messin' around on somebody!
The look on the guys faces back at the dealership was absolutely priceless! I could have backed that car into every mouth there!
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I shoulda died in 1977 when I totaled a '69 LeSabre by first hitting a '77 Riv head-on (right quarter to right quarter) and then slammed sideways into a huge Oak. No seat belt. The cops didn't ticket me because, "He knows that he shoulda died." I proposed to Rebecca, who lived across the street from the tree, shock or something.

See, I woke up standing in the middle of the road facing away from the cars and trying to figure out how I got there. I still believe that there were angels holding me down.

I shoulda died.
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Wait a minute. Did Rebecca wander out when she heard the crash and in a "dazed & confused" state, you proposed; in some ways this makes sense cause this happens alot. It's the only way guys do that.

Or, was Rebecca one of those angels?
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(I often think my wife was and is dazed, blind or both for putting up with me.

Glad you survived dude. Sounds like we need a 'Near Misses' thread. I'm on about my 8th life or so. :
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Friday there was a rollover on the Interstate up against the barrier.
Weather was dry and clear.:
By the time I rolled by it the East bound traffic had a wreck from the rubberneckers. : The stupidity level has far exceeded my greatest expectations.
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