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take out footbed?

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i'm going somewhere that i can't take my boots with me so am going to rent.
Someone mentioned I could take my footbed though.
Is this just the sole footbed or is it also the block of plastic under it?
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I'm assuming you have custom made footbeds. So you just need to take them. They are the pieces that they custom made to fit the bottom of your feet. The plastic ramp under them are probably the ramps that came with the boots.

Don't expect that the rental boots will fit as well even with your footbed in them. There are probably adjustments that were made to the boot itself. The boot and footbed are adjusted so that they work hand in hand (or foot in boot) to align and support your foot properly.

Why can't you take your boots??? They are the most important part of your ski gear. I'd rather take my boots and rent skis than vice versa.
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backpacking and only skiing a few days. the weight is too much/too bulky sadly
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Transferring Insoles

Footbeds are typically transferrable providing they are not to long.

Take out the stock insole that is in the rental boot and line it up to your insole using the back of the heel as a reference point.

If your insole is shorter than the stock insole you will be OK as long as it isn't WAY short (1" or more). When the insole is short leverage inside the boot can cause the insole can shift for and aft. Some 2 sided tape or some duct tape reversed on itself might be necessary under the insole to keep it in place in the liner.

If the insole is to long it can ramp up in the toe box of the liner and give the impression the boot is to short. I can be trimmed or ground shorter but custom insoles are generally ground to a specific boot so beware. There are times when the radius of the toe of the insole is what doesn't match up. Usually you can grind or trim it to fit the liner better without permanently affecting the overall length of the insole.


If the boot still has to much volume shim it with flat stock (i.e. Bontex)

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