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Bush takes a trip and get tripped up.

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X-post from TGR for your viewing pleasure or is it your displeasure.

Last tuesday was quite a day.

Worked a great day down in provo, get a message from Skiingbear that to come ride his pump track. My bikes is in a million pieces but I have wanting to ride that pump track. Get home get that thing together.

Matts pump track although some kinks need to be worked out is a blast. I started to get the feel for it, and even the 2 bottom berms are starting to click. Problem is so tiring we bail. Me, him and rotorhead go over to some small DJs behind Albertsons on 9400 south.

I do a couple ride thoughs and think hey the distance is long but I can totally clear the second jump. I pedal hard endo over the first one and veer off to the right on the second one. It will take me hours to remember what actually happened.

I wake up on my back apparently I was talking to them the entire time but the first thing I remember is Rob on my right and connie on my left. The world is such a blur right now. I know I was riding my bike, but I dont know who,what when or how. My right hand is covered in blood and my face hurts worse than anything in my life. The next couple hours are kinda of blur but I know it was scary, and just glad to hear some familair voices around me. The Xrays show nothing is broken and the I pass the CAT scan. The stitches above my eye are painful but totally bearable the ones on my eyelid cause me to ball my eyes out and seriously want someone to just hug me.

2 pills of some very strong narocotics I am out for the night in my bed, feeling like **** but lucky considering. I cant wait to go riding again in fact I should only have to wait a week or so. I know you guys are just like so us the picture of the gnar. I must warn is damn gross so dont look unless you can stomach it. It actaully looks better than 2 days ago though.

I hope skiingbear,rotorhead, and Altagirl will fill in the rest of the story cause there is still parts that I dont recall at all.
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Ouch..I hope you get a lot of gain...for that pain!

You should be OK..looks like your face broke your fall
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Hope your bike is okay:
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Oh man, are you going to have fun trying to get a date. :

Maybe next time wear a full-face before hucking to dirt.
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Ow... and I thought my torn ACL hurt...

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Is that a 'real man' look?
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Maggots skiingbear's take on the whole night
So the night started innocently enough, just a little pump track time was the plan. It didn't strike me until later, but I never even put a helmet on that night.

Bushwacker has most of the facts straight. From where Rotorhead and I were standing, it looked like he hit the first jump a little off, and then maybe veering off the second one to the side did him in. It really didn't look like much of a crash, in fact, it looked like something I'm betting we've all done and easily walked away from...which makes this even more strange. After he crashed he didn't move, but I thought maybe he was just giving himself a few seconds...then still nothing. I yelled if he was okay, nothing, so we hurry back down the little trail to him (we were maybe 20-30 yard away).

Bushwacker rolled over as we got there and all I saw was blood...not good. Then I saw the gash over his eye...that's even worse. He seemed somewhat with it, or maybe just a LITTLE dazed, so we called Altagirl (just a block away) for a ride to the ER. Then Bushwacker really went downhill. He kept asking where he was, and couldn't remember a damn thing. In fact, he kept accusing us of ******* with him...wish it was so.

Rotorhead and AG stayed with him while I called for an ambulance. They showed up pretty quick and got him wrapped up. That's when the idea of a TR finally hit me (sorry, only a camera phone and up until this point I wasn't really thinking pictures).

Loading him up:

I swear, I don't have a concussion...bright lights always hurt my eyes:

He's gonna be okay (and he'll be discharged in a few staying in a hospital tonight):

If only he would have opened his eyes, he would have seen this cleaning him up:

Best shot of the clean carnage (this was the first time I ever saw anyone with roadrash on their eyelid!):

Getting numbed up:

Okay, maybe this is the best pic of the carnage...just before stitches:

Bushwacker's roommate was there at this point to get him I left for home. The pic he posted to start this was better than I expected, he cleaned up pretty well.

Scary night for sure...glad it all turned out okay (could have been WAY worse).
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Sorry to see your pain. Remember... That which doesn't kill us, will only make us stronger!
Get well & good luck.
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That story sounds a big fishy.
The one I heard is that a little old lady had her purse stolen by a local gang member . You chased him into a crowd of his peers. Understanding you were outnumbered you chose to throw caution to the wind and proceeded to kick serious butt. Since there were so many you knew you might have to take a punch or two for the team. Well it seems you took many but prevailed in the end and returned the purse to the kind old woman.

The fact that it was her tax payment in cash that she had to get to the assessor or lose her home really isn't why you helped. It's just that you are just the kind of guy who helps old women , small children and animals in distress.

Glad to see you survived this one to ride another day .Get well soon .
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How's it going?
Any cool scars?
Recovery going well?
Tell us all about it
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Hey Josh . How you doin? That looked so painful and traumatic we are wondering how you recovered.
My guess is you bounce back and recover quickly. Is there anything different you are doing to prevent this from repeating or do you think this is just one of those things that can happen when we take risks ?
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OK, that was classic!!!! I am glad you are on the mend now because the pictorial was just awesome and I am very close to peeing in my pants from laughing so hard. That was just an all-time-must-view-posting. Who took the photos? they were great! How's the bike? I would think those scars are worth some points with the babes......
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yo bush,

get well soon!

i saw the other guy....they were getting him ready for BURIAL...:

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