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ticket prices

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Hi all;
I usually don't post here during the summer, but something happened last week that makes me want to vent.
I decided to get an extra-early jump on my vacation week in CO, (Vail), next year and booked my filghts, condo and lift tickets. I was told that if I got my tickets now, (5 days), I could get last year's price. In the past I had an agent do all my booking, but I have enough flyer points for a couple of seats so I decided to do it all on my own. My mistake for not paying attention in the past on the individual prices, I just looked at the bottom line, winced, and ponyed up.
WOW!!! $363 for 5 days!! Ya know, you'd think they would give a significant discount for that many days. I know, Vail's pricy, but in reality, they're not much more than any of the other "big" resorts in the West or East for that matter, (don't get me going about the East!!). My wife and I really like Vail for the total vacation experience, so we'll pay, for now. I can see a time when this whole thing becomes not enough return for the buck. We came to that conclusion about the Caribbean many years ago, beautiful but felt held up without a gun.
I've skied for nearly 50 years and I've seen the transformation and I'll not belabor the "way it used to be"...things change, and in this sport, most are for the better. I'm retiring from my career tomorrow and suddenly that $363 X 2 looks of greater consequence.
OK, I'm done. Looking forward to Febuary, can't wait, (it's only money right?).
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Time to start thinking outside the box CB. Enjoy Vail next Feb, but also start using the flexibility you'll have in retirement. Visit smaller ski areas in off-peak times. How about Loveland and A-Basin in CO before Christmas, or several of the lesser known places in UT in January? How about NH in early March when a lot of fine places like Wildcat, Cranmore and Cannon often offer two for one lift ticket deals. Seems to me nearby Belleayre offers lots of deals too, esp on weekdays. Work those internet resources like epicski, and individual ski area websites.

Probably don't have to tell you that places like Jackson NH, Burlington VT, Frisco CO, Ogden UT, Reno NV can represent inexpensive and interesting bases for ski vacations.
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The one thing you could do- and it would only benefit you if you plan on skiing more than a week out here- is to get a Colorado season pass. This year they're $419 and include 10 Vail/BC days... but you have to buy it the first time in person.

Other than that, I don't think there are many ways around the Vail ticket prices...
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