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Some pics of early snow in NZ

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The cold has arrived with a vengence over the last two days. Here is a link to a news item with some pictures.


I bought myself a digital camera a couple of weeks ago, so during the season will try to make a few of those living on the other side of the equator a bit jealous by posting some pics.
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We've got a big high pressure system sitting over us now, pushing the weather south so you guys get it. So the snow's sitting there, waiting for the next lot of weather to come and top it up, and that's due in a couple of days.
this snowcam
is Blue Cow, part of Perisher Blue. It's looking pretty good.
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I just joined this board recently, and before that I didnt even realize they had ski resorts in New Zealand. I always thought of that place as a warm climite area. I dont know why. BTW, do you guys have trees in NZ? By the looks of the pictures I cant see any.
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9.12 - All of the NZ skiing is above the treeline, that's why no trees in the pictures.
They have lots of trees, just none near the ski resorts. Lets hope that the antipodeans continue thier pictorial paybacks for putting up with us northerners bagging turns during our winter.
NZ is a pretty interesting land. Just about every climate you can find in the US all crammed into a country about the size of California.
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wow, sounds like a cool place. Thanks for the info.
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And Mt Ruapehu has also had 40-50cm on the ski field as well.

Looking good....but that's what we said in 2001....and 2000.
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2000 was a banner year in Australia, not so great in NZ. We got heavy snow in May, and when they closed in late October, there was still heaps on the ground. We had to drive around to Smiggins to watch the 'Lympic closing ceremony (no TV reception at Guthega) in a howling blizzard!
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Originally posted by ant:
2000 was a banner year in Australia
Wonders never cease eh!

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2000 is the season I skiied 76 days! In an Aussie season, while holding a fulltime job. It was so very, very good. They started Daylight saving in August (?), to get ready for the olympics, so they extended lift closing time into the evening. 8.30am to 6.30pm skiing! In daylight.
Crowds were way down as they were either headed to Sydney for the Olympics, or taking advantage of all those empty planes leaving Oz to have a cheap O/S holiday. We got epic dumps of our nice heavy 'powder', things were skiiable that hadn't been skiiable for years. What a year.
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