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FS: Skis  

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Big Quiver, small apartment, moving soon, something has to go...

175CM Fischer 03-04 BigStix 7.6 115-76-100 Original owner. The ski is great for long turns in soft snow. It is in good shape for a ski with 40+ days on it and has held up really well. Top sheets are scuffed as expected, no chips though. Bases are scuffed and scratched, but no core shots. Edges are straight. Ski needs a full tune, but otherwise, ok. Drilled 2.5 times. Once for Medium freerides. Once for Axial2 120s at 325mm and then I moved the heel up to 300mm. $100 skis delivered. PM me your email for pictures.

I know plenty of folks have look PX12 / axial2 from Sac so I am selling the skis unmounted. If you want the skis and bindings let me know and we can work something out.
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Also, would trade for a decent pair of softshell pants that fit a 36" waist, must have gaiters in cuff.
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Liquidating the quiver so all the Utards don't laugh at your short skinny sticks :-)
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Thats right! If I show up with these and METRONS, they will probably tar 'n feather me.
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Skis are gone.
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Closed it for you so you won't get more inquiries.
Glad it worked for you.
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