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where's the snow???

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ok, so I had this incredible dream last night, there was just barley enough snow to ski but I was skiing and it was sooo real, I could FEEL the snow beneath the skis, I was SO happy...Ive been in a good mood all morning because of it, UNTIL...

the gosh-darned weatherman said high of 72 today!!! WHAT?! ITS NOVEMBER for cryin' out loud. (replace cutsey cliche phrases for loud expletives.)

My favorite hill is supposed to open on the sixteenth. Im going to be fitted for new boots at GMOL on the 19th, and was hoping to spend the day skiing at Stratton.

No chance, huh?
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I had this weird dream the other night...

I was on some strange mountain and the ski patrol guy came up and told me that he wanted me to subnet the mountain and he needed 4 networks, green, blue, black & double black.
Then he said something rude about ARIN and skied away.

I may need a vacation....
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I feel your pain.... dreaming is just a strange way to inflick pain onto a skiier.

And as far as the weather... I hate this... for the first time I buy a season pass, and this happens.

::in the voice of the mountains::
Come to me... Ski me... carve me... reach the speed of mach 2 on me...

damn I hate this...
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heeheee..subnet the mountain...you really need a VACA! (dont forget the Cisco PIX firewall at the lodge entrance.. )
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The worst part is that I actually took a moment to figure out that on a class C address that would be a subnet mask of
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Wooo-hooo! your learning! isn't it fun?

Now, if there are 75 skiiers on each of the four trail-subnets, and each need a unique I-SKI address....what is the proper subnet mask to use mountain wide?...

If it doesn't snow soon we're all going to go nuts....
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(this is the U-C-ME/I-SKI protocol)(as opposed to TCP/IP...)

ok,ok!! enough!!!! THat was BAD
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LindaA:
Now, if there are 75 skiiers on each of the four trail-subnets, and each need a unique I-SKI address....what is the proper <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

On a class C, if I have to borrow 3 bits to get the 4 networks (2^3-2=6>4) then I can put 29 hosts on each network.
That means I either need to have a class B ( or I need 3 NAT routers with 25 hosts on each to get 75 hosts. I should probably microsegment each of those 3 collision domains too.

So, can I hit the slopes or do I need to stay after school?
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This is your Net. Admin. Get back to work and stop that stupid skiing thing. E.O.L.
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