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Grand Targhee TR - 4/1/07 - 4/2/07

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Well, I figured if I am going to be a more frequent visitor on this site I may as well contribute one of my TR's from this past season..

Took a trip to Targhee in April, skiing with my dad. He was a good sport and shot photos of me, and I got some good scenic shots as well. I put my dad on my Pocket Rockets; the fattest ski he has used before were his K2 Fours. He loved 'em and will be purchasing his own pair of fat skis next season. Not bad for a 57 year old who currently lives at sea level (Venezuela) and only gets to ski about a week or two a year. He is going to retire soon and has already started planning the house he and my mom are going to build on their land at the base of the hill in Alta, Wyoming.

Day One - 4/1/07
It was sunny and warm, no new snow, so we just cruised the groomers. Didn't take many photos the first day other than some scenics:

View of the valley, snow is getting thin...

72Twenty in front of a fitting sign...

Shots of the Tetons from the top of the hill:

Base area on day one...

Drive down the mountain...

It was a great day of skiing with my dad, but groomers are groomers. We figured if it was going to be more of the same the next day, we would head over to the Jackson side and find a spot to go fishing. We bought some beer at the general store at Targhee, and headed down the mountain. Then a funny thing happened... it started raining across the valley. If all went well, we were hoping it would snow up the mountain, and well, it did! It wasn't balls deep or anything, but it was about 8 inches, which wasn't bad for April 2nd. Also, a great way for my dad to get a better feel for fat skis.

DAY TWO - 4-2-07
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DAY TWO - 4-2-07

It snowed!!!

Base area, Grand Foggy... still snowing off and on...

Slim was there. (can't have a Targhee TR without Slim!) THis is Slim's 37'th season working the lifts.

The skis-from-the-lift shot

72Twenty finding some fresh. There was hardly anyone on the mountain, so lines were easy to come by.

And I almost snuck out of this one, behind the tree...

We even had a few moments of sunshine and better light...
(more to come)
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DAY TWO - continued...

More shots of me (thanks for the camera work dad!)...

Seriously... the mountain was almost totally empty...

More to come...
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DAY TWO... continued

Saw a friend's pair of skis, but didn't find him until we were walking to the car.

This is no joke - while I was standing next to his skis, this young couple walked by and the guy saw the LP's. He started telling his girlfriend/wife that those skis were pro models and retail for like $1,000 and that no one really needs a ski like that yadda yadda and his gf/wife says (seriously, her exact words....) "looks like someone is compensating for a small *****....". They then looked over at me standing there with my Big Daddies and turned and walked off as I was laughing at them.

On the way home, I shot some Teton scenics on the Jackson Side (Snake River Turnout in GTNP just before Moran Junction)...

Mount Moran was shy...

And finally, I snapped a shot through the windshield today on our way home of Splitrock between Riverton, Wyo. and Rawlins, Wyo. This was a very important landmark on the Oregon and Mormon Trails. Coming from the east, the trail travelers could locate Splitrock on the horizon from a considerable distance and it lead them straight to the Sweetwater River and to South Pass. South Pass was the easiest way over the Wind River Range and the Continental Divide.

It was a great trip.
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Nice report. I love that place!
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Nice TR. Awesome stoke. Thanks 72 :yourock:
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Originally Posted by tromano View Post
Nice TR. Awesome stoke. Thanks 72 :yourock:

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