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2002 OLYMPICS, Utah

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@11:00 AM EST OR 9:00 SLC OLYMPIC TIME are the womens moguls compettiton. We have a good chance at a medal, even gold !

BTW AC or dchan, would it make sense to have an Olympcis forum for the next two weeks ?

The Opening ceremonies were very moving but too long. They dragged until the "hoedown" began.

Billy Johnson, walking around and carring the torch, how inspiring was that ? A miracle or tenacity and will ?

And how about the Prez in the stands, hanging out with our athletes and the other athletes of the world. Letting the young women next to him, hand over her cell phone so he can say hi, to probably her parents.

Is this a great nation or what?

And finally, the 1980 US Hockey Olympic team lighting the torch well... there is only one way to conclude this post.

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Now if I could just find some coverage that shows the athletes and not the news persons new olympic hairdo and clothes. Ugh!!!!

Why can't they just show it as it happens? Why do they think we need color commentary?

Hate network news!!!
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Here we go again! Pabulum-spewing, milquetoasty "up close and personals" Sacrin filled jingoistic hysteria and non stop figure skating pathos....the quadrenial made for tv miniseries.....God, I wish I got the CBC!
Jim Mckay was an embarrassment. Costas a caricature of himself and Katie gushing bubbles. Will we get enough of the Shea's, the firemen, the ethiopian luger? When will we open our windows and scream, "I have had enough, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
I am going to watch every minute!
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One of the few great things about my two corporate sentences to Detroit was the ability to pickup Canadian TV. Their sports coverage was so superior to our network drivel, EH !

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IT"S HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes the Games are here and Italy took the 1st Gold in a womans cross country ski event!And what a day to do some coverage of outdoor events here in the Wasatch Back.We got a bit of snow yesterday and last night.While Salt lake City was pretty clear last night for the Opening Ceremonies, here in Park City it was a near white out.Today the skys are clear and blue new snow and temps are perfect!
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Thank you CBC for recognizing that live sports coverage is a must. I don't know if I will bother with any NBC coverage at all. I think they had Daytona time trials all morning. Congrats to all the volunteers in Utah for putting on a grat show so far.
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I had another suggestion for an Olympic forum, but do not want to create temporary forums both becasue it would create a fair amount of work and because I want to keep the posts in the General Forum for searches in the future. This seems to me to be a perfect General Form topc.
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I'm such a sap - watching some of the human drama just tugs at my heart.

Did you see the guy from Taiwan? He's their first and only Winter Olympic athlete.

Last night he was at the opening ceremony carrying his country's flag (he is the ONLY one to carry it) and missed a mandatory meeting for the men's 30k cross country competition. When the start list came out this morning his name wasn't on it - he missed the meeting, he could not compete.

Then he received a voice mail this morning saying simply "you can race."

He was just lapped so he was automatically disqualified but at least he lived his dream. He took a chance and didn't let anything stand in his way. Yay for him!
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Thanks AC for considering it, and for a more balanced and more real time Olympic coverage, I suggest the CBC [ Canadian Broadcasting] if you can get it. If you live within 20 miles of the Canadian border, you should be able to. Perhaps as much as 40 miles away is possible.

If you have a satalite dish, try that as well. NBC coverage is going to be mostly timed delay and will be poor when compared to the CHBC.
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