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RV camping at races

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I am thinking about buying a small RV for driving to and camping at races, both junior races and masters races in Colorado. My hope is to camp at the hill, and roll out of bed just before race registration.

Does anyone have any experience doing this they can share? How many resorts will let you park in their lots the night before a race? Any tips about what to look for in an RV for unplugged winter use? Any suggestions about size (I am thinking of a used, smaller class C, 20-23 feet). I am an RV newbie, so would appreciate help.


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There was an article in Ski or Skiing (I think) within the year about winter RV'ing in general. It had an overview of areas which encourage camping and others which have banned it.
I don't know- seems like a heavy investment to me unless you are going to camp every weekent the whole season? Figure the cost of the RV unit, fuel, insurance, time in driving to and from depending on where home is, running a generator to power heat, etc. If your planning on a couple long weekends a year then slopeside lodging may be cheaper overall? Consider renting a home which may accomodate larger numbers and splitting the cost with other competitors, parents, etc.
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You don't need an RV. Just camp/sleep in the back of your car or trunk.
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I'd also consider how practical an RV without 4 WD would be in Colorado. I have never any of the race parents do that though the thought had flashed across my mind. With the rising cost of fuel it may be just as practical to stay at a ski out condo at the resort or "upscale" on mountain hotel.

PS, book early especially for any state finals even if you have to cancel, real early since that's what most of the "old hands" do. On two occasions, I figured end of season, no problem, and was dead wrong and still ended up with a hour drive to the race.
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I haven't done it, but I'll chime in a little bit since my impression is different from others:

As (I think?) mentioned in the previous post, lots of "race parents" do just that, at least in some areas. From what I can tell, it can be significantly more economical than renting a condo anywhere close to slopeside, particularly if it's not for just one person (you mention junior races). There are also regular recreational skiers who use it for their standard ski accommodation, even if they don't travel to other areas.

Since your research here isn't turning up much in the way of concrete info, you're probably poking around for other info -- e.g. getting info on fuel consumption, calling or looking at websites to see which of the areas you're going to allow RVs (and have hookups), how much they charge, etc.
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Exactly! You would have to go on the web site for the state "J" races to see where they are held for that age group. The five, four and three may run together for those seasons, but that will change as they move up.

Here in the PA region, most races were within an hour or two of home and most parents had a house or weekend condo (owners), so there was no need for an RV. My personal drive limit was two hours or I got a room and that was only for one race excluding state finals; they were about four hours out.
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