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A skier walks into a bar...

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A skier walks into the Mangy Moose. He steps up to the bar and orders three drafts. The bartender pours three frosty mugs and the skier gathers them in hand and makes his way to an empty table where he proceeds to enjoy all three beers. The next day he goes back, steps up to the bar and orders three drafts. Bartender asks, “Are you going to drink all three of these?”

“Yes,” replies the skier.
“Why don’t I just pour you one then when you’re done you can come order another. That way they’ll be colder and fresher for you.”
“Well,” says the skier. “It’s kind of a tradition. You see, my two brothers and I grew up skiing together at Mad River Glen. When we got to be of age we would always go out for a beer after skiing. Now one of my brothers’ in Taos, one is in Salt Lake City and I’m here in Jackson so we made a pact. After a good day of skiing we each go to the local tavern and we order three beers and as we drink we remember the good times when we skied together.”

So the guy becomes a regular at the Moose, coming in for his three beers after each ski day.

One day the bartender realizes that he hasn’t seen three beer guy for a few weeks ….but the next day he’s back. When he steps up to the bar to place his order he asks, “May I have two beers please?”

The bartender is a bit taken aback. When he presents the beverages he says, “Hey I’m really sorry about your loss. Which brother was it?”

“Both of my brothers are fine. In fact I’ve spent the last few weeks skiing with my bro at Alta and Deer Valley. While I was there I converted to Mormonism so now I don’t drink.”
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Why do you have to take two baptist with you when you go fishing?

Because if you take only one he'll drink all your beer.
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You completely ruined that joke. Besides it wasn't the Mangy Moose it was a bar in Ireland and the beer was Guinness. The punch line went something like this with a thick Irish voice:

Bartender: I am really sorry about your brothers:

Guinness drinker: Why yah sorry about me brothers its me you outha be sorry for.

Bartender: Why what happened to you

Guinness drinker: I quit drinkin
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Great joke, made better with the Irish accents.
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