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Tyrolia FF17 or Atomic 6.14 Race

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Anyone have any info on the difference between the two bindings? Looking for weight diff/ ramp angle and reliability . This binding will be used on a plate . I have seen some bad reports on atomics but then some bad reports on Tyrolia . I tried salomon this past season but those wing adjustments drove me crazy - it seems every day or so I had to adjust them . Lastly , I would assume the free flex works the same as the full flex on the atomic .
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I think that Atomic is a bit heavier and Tyrolia have a bit more ramp angle. Regarding reliability, I had bad experience with 614 and never had problems or heard complaints on Tyrolia, so I’m interested to hear about those bad reports you are mentioning.
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I've never heard a complaint on Tyrolia concerning false release or fail to release if adjusted properly. While older Atomics can have a failure related to forward pressure that results in pre-release issues. Neox bindings are more reliable than previous versions.

Atomics have the Personal Positioning feature that allows the binding position to be easily adjusted without tools, but in every other way the Tyrolia is better engineered from better materials than the Atomic.

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AFAIK, Tyrolia is + 3mm at the heel versus 2mm for the Atomic's.
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I have had both in my hands and they tyrolia does seem lighter . I really like the FF feature of both bindings
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2 things I don't like about the atomics. 1. I've seen the heel piece break on at least 3 different occasions. I've gotta believe if I have personally seen it 3 times, it must happen at least fairly often. The pivot point has VERY little plastic around it, and is a definite weak spot.
2. They seem to have a lot of play in the toe piece. Put your boot in and rock the boot back and forth from side to side. I think it has an unacceptable amount of movement. It gets better the more you crank down the toe height screw, but you don't want your boot totally smashed down into the afd either.
(note: expect atomicman to chime in and say that he has had 2500 pairs of atomic bindings and they have all been perfect. I'm just telling you my opinion based on what I've seen.)

Not much experience with Tyrolias, but my buddy races on them and has had no problems. He's about 230 and is hard on his equipment too, for whatever that's worth...
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