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Now I've got to ski Copper for a week, jeeezzz..

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My wife and I are leaving for a week at Club Med in Copper on Saturday, it just came about because Ann's cousin and her husband Franz were booked there and had to cancel because she got pneumonia and the doctor forbade her to go to a higher altitude because she still has fluids in her lungs.

They were not going to get a refund because no one was there to take their place, so I, being a Good Samaritan, took over their tickets and so we'll just have to ski Copper for a week, isn't that the darnest thing!

So I'll be off-line all next week, don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone [img]redface.gif[/img]

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You should have good snow and, maybe you know this, Club Med is easy walking distance from the Flyer & Eagle lifts.
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Hey Ott will you be able to join the Colorado bears Gathering on Friday the 24th?
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Thanks Astrochimp.

Kima, we'll be at Club Med on Friday still, tell me the particulars and maybe I can hook up with you if the gathering is at Copper. Otherwise, I have no transportation to anywhere else.

... Ott
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Hi Ott, Copper is the place. check out

Under the meetings forums. Jack is in the Center Village, as Astrochimp said, near the Flyer and Eagle lifts.
I would be thrilled to meet you and Ann.
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Sure thing. Have a great time! Life can be tough, eh?
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Kima, Friday is the 25th, We'll try to make it 8:30, but I don't know how breakfast goes at Club Med, a window including a somewhat later time would be better, say 8:30 to 9:30.

It is our last day of skiing, our bus leaves for Denver on Sat. at 9:30 a.m.

Sure would like to meet you folks in person...

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I'll be there on Friday. We'll see you at Jacks Slope Side Grill on Friday at about 9:30. I'll make a Bears sign.

Too cool.
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Hey Ott,

If you want, I'll pick you and Ann up at Copper one day next week before Friday and we could go ski Vail.

Lemme know.
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Nah, SCSA, the Club Med is an all inclusive trip, including a six day lift ticket, three meals a day including free beer or wine, etc.

So we are just going to lazy around, go swimming and maybe even ski a couple of days, or so. No pressure. After all it is a vacation, we can ski anytime [img]smile.gif[/img]

We may take a three week ski trip in the rockies again in March.

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Hi Ott--how long will you be here? I'll be in Angel Fire, New Mexico, on Friday when you arrive, then I'm going to Wolf Creek for the weekend (looking forward to skiing with Tom Burch and any other Wolf Creek Bears). Then I've got a clinic at Keystone on Monday and Tuesday, and Steamboat Wednesday and Thursday. Will you still be around on Friday?

I am going to be disappointed if I don't get the chance to meet you in person--an opportunity I have long awaited! If nothing else, how about dinner on Monday? Come to think of it, how about a big Bears feast somewhere on Monday?

To everyone--sorry I'll miss the Colorado Bears gathering. If anyone is still around on Monday, please don't hesitate to give me a call--I'm in the book in Silverthorne. Have a great time at Copper. The snow is getting very good--6 new inches of very light new snow on the top this morning (stop laughing all you Utahns, Californians, and British Columbians...).

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hi Bob, we will arrive in Copper this Saturday afternoon, January 19, and will leave on Saturday Jan. 26 in the morning. We are staying at the Club Med and probably will not venture outside of the village.

What dates are you going to be where? It sounds as if we are going to miss each other for the fourth time now, bummer.

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Ah--I got the dates wrong, Ott! I'm on my way to Winter Park tomorrow morning (in a snow storm, it would appear!), but I'll be back Friday evening. Please give me a call (I'm in the Silverthorne book), or drop me an e-mail. My schedule is pretty flexible on the weekend, and on Monday and Tuesday as well. On Wednesday I'll be heading to Angel Fire.

Safe travels....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Wow, sometimes it's better to be lucky than ... whatever!!! I feel lucky in that I might actually get to say hello to you and the lovely Ann. Life is good and fun is where you make it.
Till then
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OK, Ray, we'll try to be at Jack's around 9 a.m. Friday. Do we show up in ski gear or is this a social?

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Hi Ott Friday the 24th is a ski day
of course. Look forward to meeting you and Ann.
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Kima, you keep saying >>Friday the 24<<, my calendar syas Friday is the 25th, in January that is

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Oh well you know what I meant. See ya Friday the 25th! 2002
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Can we meet for drinks or dinner at Copper later after KIMA'a husband and I get back after we're done with cat skiing at Ski Cooper on Friday the 25th. I sure would like to meet the legendary Ott and the rest of the bears at the Colorado gathering before skiing with you in Saturday.

We'll post a report for you about Chicago Ridge.


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Bong, our plane leaves Denver at noon on Saturday, so that is out, but Friday sometime after skiing I may be able to break away from the goodbye party of our group at Club Med to meet you guys for a drink somewhere within walking distance of Club Med, like at Jack's.

Have a great time skiing Cooper, this cat skiing is way beyond me now, just fond memories [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Jack's sounds great. We'll try to get there as soon as we finish at Cooper. We'll call KIMA to keep her posted. SCSA and KIMA have my cell number.

Looking forward to meeting you all!!!!


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