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The OTHER Encyclopedia of Skiing

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I love Bob Barnes' book. But I've read it 5 times in the past year or so. So, I looked up 'Skiing' in the 1958 World Book Encyclopedia last night. (Yes, I KNOW I'm weird!) What a riot! If any of you have an old encyclopedia lying around, check it out. It's quite amusing!
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Somewhere I have a copy of The Skier's Bible(?)by Morton Lund. Written in the 60s I think. Lots of fun. I also have a copy of How to Ski the New French Way(1966) by Joubert.

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I love the photos, illustrations and language of old ski books. And since I collect ski books, I've got a few. Most of mine are from late 70's on, but here are books in my collection published previous to 1970:

The Official American Ski Tecnique

Ski the Champions Way
by Erie McCollech

The Fall Line
by J. Tobin

by Clemens Hutter

Ski Fever
by Curtis Casewit

Skiing the Americas
by John Jay
1939 (Yes, correct date!)

Ski Pointers by the Experts
by Ski Life Magazine Editors

Skiing the American Way
by Peter Estin

Sports Illustrated Book of Skiing
1957 and a 1971 copy

Ski ABC: Technique Moderne
by Jobert and Vuarnet

The New Invitation to Skiing
by Fred Isalin & AC Spectorsky

The 30,000 Mile Ski Race
by Peter Miller

The Skiers Handbook
by Editors of Ski Magazine

Sierra Club Manual of Mountaineering

Ski the New French Way
by Joubert and Vuarnet

Ski the New Way (Austrian)
by Franz Kramer
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Do you have SKI Magazine's "updated" Encyclopedia of Skiing (1970)? I don't have as many books as you, but this is the best one! All of the historical stuff is great, and some of the techniques and equipment from way back is pretty eye-opening. I got the book for x-mas last year and I love it. It's worth checkin' "oot".

(Robin, you'll be happy to know that the northerner accent is beginning to rear its ugly head again. Only took a year! I think it comes from watching hockey and drinking beer with the Ottowa contingent in my family, eh! At least I don't sound like I'm from Fargo, there.) :
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Yep, got it - and thats a great one.

Oh - just saw that I accidentally stuck one in from 1972. I was trying to stick with 1969 as the cutoff on that list . . . because from 1970 on my collection size gets fairly absurd! From 1980 on . . . VERY absurd (a floor to ceiling bookcase)

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Guess this one slipped through

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> The 30,000 Mile Ski Race
by Peter Miller

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Yeah - started to put in everything from the 70's and earilier and then I realized the magnitude of that task and made '69 the cutoff. I've realized that there was another dozen or so pre 60's books on another shelf I missed in that list. Ah well, at some point here I just need to reinventory the whole collection, I think I posted a list here once, its up to a couple of hundred volumes now.
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OK, looky here:

I've got 'The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing' (Barnes), 'The Athletic Skier' (Witherell), 'The All-Mountain Skier' (Elling), 'Skiing and the Art of Carving' (Post-Foster) and of course the old 'World Book Encyclopedia'. Now that the ski season is (almost) over, and I'm relegated to Golf, Tennis, Baseball and Mountain Biking for a few months, what other titles can you guys recommend? I like the technical stuff and racing-related info, but I also like color pictures! Thanks.

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I would look at these.

The Skiers Edge, Ron LeMaster
How Racers Ski, Warren Witherell (edit)
Skiing, an Art a Technique, Joubert

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How the Racers Ski is a Witherall book.

But if Ron LeMaster has one that is similar in name then thats cool . . . because it means theres one out there I still need to find!
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Todd, when I get time I will post my list...I too have an extensive library, even have 3 first editions of "Ski Runners" Sir Arnold Lunn...maybe some trading, eh?
Spag...called the hill today and they said you weren't going to be in? Are you heading to CO for some catharsis? Tonight I am off to Mammoth, then Tahoe for the west convention...kinda like spring fling, but not as organized. Then in May, a speed camp at Mammoth. Family reunion in Whistler in June...I wonder if my old Garibaldi Lift Company pass works?
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Oops you are right Todd, I edited the post..

don't know what I was thinking...
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I have a book on skiing that I think is titled simply "Skiing" circa 1930's-40's by Walter Praeger from my parents early skiing days. The author passed a way not too long ago.

It is a "how to book" with some really vintage photo's.

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I've got it too!
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Mark learned to ski by reading some book by Bob Beattie {sp?} .

Oops, probabaly wasn't supposed to say that!
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I have a couple of obscure ones: Skiing with Pfeiffer 1958 by Doug Pfeiffer and Skiing Techniques by Corky Fowler 1973.

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Have you got- Ski Racing: Advice from the experts.
Compiled by Bob Beattie when he was Us Team coach, circa 1964 :
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ToddM, your 70s collection needs a copy of Stu Campbell's "Ski with the Big Boys", 1974.
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I think I've got it David (there are guests staying in my guestroom right now, they are asleep - and thats where the ski bookshelves are) again - I only listed pre 1970 books.
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