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Name that restaurant

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After dinner, two elderly women retire to the kitchen and left their husbands to chat. One of the men starts the conversation, “Last night we went out to a great new restaurant.” The other asks, “What’s it called?”
The first man knits his brow in concentration and finally says, “Ah, what is the name of that flower you give to someone you love?”
His friend replies, “A carnation?”
“No, you dope, the other kind,” the first man says.
“The poppy?” wonders his friend.
“No,” growls the man. “You know, the one with thorns.”
“Ah, you mean a rose?”
“Yes, that’s it!” the first man exclaims.
He then turns toward the kitchen and yells, “Rose, what’s the name of that restaurant we went to last night?”
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One of my favorites!
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