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Tahoe 6 Pak On Sale Now

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They go fast! Works out to be $41 per day at various resorts in the Tahoe area. Go here http://www.skilaketahoe.com/tickets-1.html
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Bump: This is a public service announcement!:
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Is there anything left of Tahoe
I hope the fire stops spreading soon.
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The fires are serious, but have burned 3100 acres at this point, and a 50 foot spot fire at the base of Heavenly behind the casinos was immediately extinguished yesterday. This fire does not affect any ski areas, but is burning among houses on the outskirts of SLT.

The Six-Pack is a great deal, and I recall members that over-bought last year were able to sell off extra tickets. Its a nice way to do a lot of skiing without being tied to a single ski area.
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