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Stump the Band

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I realize the genre is out of the mainstream for most on this forum but, the alternative country/roots rock band Reckless Kelly has obviously been influenced by their trips to Steamboat and their annual country music festival. The song "Snowfall" is obviously about skiing and their love for our sport. I have been told their is another song on their album "Under the table and above the sun" about skiing. To keep me from having to fork over the money to buy the entire album, does any one know which other song on this album is about skiing. Any help is appreciated.
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I would here http://www.recklesskelly.com/tunes.htm and listen to the samples from that cd.
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"Set Me Free"
Here's a portion of the lyrics:
Drop me off on a mountaintop somewhere
Well, I’ll point ‘em down and say my prayers
No one understands it
Maybe they don’t care
We’re only here because it’s there

Set me free
Set me free
I wanna be what I can be
City livin’ ain’t livin to me
Mama set me free
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i mean, i'm sure you are; but some friends of mine are such big kelly fans, they actually know them on a first name basis; but i didn't know they where skiers; that changes everything.

i'm a reckless kelly fan now ! i can't believe those guys didnt tell me they had songs about skiing; they know i'm a ski addict. NO soup for them !
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They have a few songs that are ski specific!
Set me free is one of my favorites.

Here's a web site that has a list of their tunes and lyrics.
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I thought it had to be "set me free" but I wasn't for sure. I like the music enough I'll probably spring for the who album anyway.
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