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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
OK, so there's a lot of good thoughts here (far more than I was expecting!)

Does anyone know of any top road cyclist who has taken up skiing?
I'll bet Martin Bell can tell us about Greg Lemond's skiing. I think he took up cycling to rehab from a ski injury.
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Sorry, I haven't met or skied with Greg, either in Colorado or at the Y/C. My wife did bump into him once in Vail and said he was a very nice guy.
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Oh well, I know he skis at Y/C. I'm not even sure what the question is, but he is a top road cyclist who skis.
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Cedric Gracia was a high level jr ski racer in France before taking up MTB Racing. Julie Furtado was on the USST for a number of years before dominating women's mountain biking in the early 90's.

Richie Schley has appeared in both ski and bike porn...err, videos.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat;
Does anyone know of any top road cyclist who has taken up skiing?
Tyler Hamilton did the reverse.... (but I'm sure this is not news here...)
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
Does anyone know of any top road cyclist who has taken up skiing?
Also the other way around, Steve Hegg:
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I guess the next question should be:
Is mountain biking more like skiing in the powder through the trees?
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Have you ever scotched your right sit bone forward a little bit on the saddle to turn right? And left to go left? I spent thousands of miles chasing a guy named Mark on MX bikes. He looked like he was always seated. He was not. He hovered over the saddle, just like a guy named Ned did on a MTB. So here is a pointer I think works. Move your butt counter to the direction of the turn to set the turn up and keep the inside pedal high (leg flexed). Works for skiing too!
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Just found another skier who is doing some cycling...
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I don't think anyone has mentioned this guy yet: =result
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OK, was playing around with "separation" (or was it "counter", the terms confuse me at times!) the other night...

Anyway... here is the exaggerated version:
1. Travelling in a straight line on a reasonably flat surface.
2. Stand up out of the saddle.
3. Tilt/tip/angulate/... the bike over to the left - the bike will start to turn.
4. Tilt/tip/angulate/... your upper body to the right so that the bike goes straight again.

Then I tried it by tipping the bike to the left, and just shifting my hips to the right.
Then I also tried it while seated.

Now, I've no idea if this has a practical application in skiing, because I was only able to "control" a straight line. Controlling a turn took a lot of work, so it did not seem a valid way of enjoying riding. (no, I didn't fall off)
Also, the "separation" was more in terms of Bike/body rather than Lower/Upper body.

I'm selling the bike next week when I leave France, and then I'll be back to trying these experiments on a good racer rather than a cheap mountain bike.
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Und of course, ze Herminator - '03 Tour de France prologue.

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That's the picture I was looking for when I saw Martin's link to the FIS website.

In the these guys are good department, I was watchin stage 16 or maybe 17 of last years tour and they had a helicopter shot of one guy who went over a big climb. He had the zipper stuck as he was trying to put his vest on. He took a couple of big turns at high speeds no hands. I didn't Dartfish him though, so I can't tell you what his primary movements were.
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That link was not to the Herminator though...
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Originally Posted by Martin Bell View Post
That link was not to the Herminator though...
Oh, I followed the link, but my first thoughts were FIS+cycling = Herminator
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work of others

Too much interesting stuff on how single track vehicles turn and go straight is contained at this link.
Don't worry, Skidded turns are the same on skis as they are in an airplane or on two wheels. Even better is power skid, a la speedway bikes! Weee Haaa!

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Previous discussions on Leipheimer here:

Also, the Canadian ski team staged their own tour this summer, Lake Louise to Whistler (1,000 kilometres):
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