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Hold onto your computer chair!

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The 07-08 Head website is up and running. The rest should be close to follow.
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Looks like they've been kind enough to return the downloadable pdf catalogue rather than make us hunt through google to find it.

Already got my new Magnums, but this is another nice way to help me vicariously get through this "summer" thing that all the normies seem to like so much... :P
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The real deal among the riders of our international freeride team, this Monster fires down any chute and smokes any bowl.
nice one, Head.

The Monster graphics look like womens' skis.
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What Happend to the supermojo 103???
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Raptor questions

Thanks for the heads up to the new Head site. Good info on the new Raptor boots. Reading it over, I have these summertime questions for anyone familiar with them:
1) initial reports inidcated that the Raptors were more upright than the current RD/RS96s, but the catalog clearly states that the Raptors have increased FL (17 degrees). How does this effect the boot's stance?
2) what's the signifcance of the "lower ramp angle (5 degrees) in connection with the stated 17 degree FL?
3) encouraging to see their attention to heel-instep circumfrence and reduced volume here and in the cuff, thus eliminating, Head claims, the need for the "snack bar Bode used to push down his cuff for more control on his old [Head or other?] boots" -- now that's a good story.

Looking forward to trying these in the Fall...wondering how many versions stores will stock.

Replies and comments appreciated.
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I skied the 120RS in the late spring, and did not feel it had the forward they list, it felt very uprite. I have the Krypton Pros set up very uprite and the Raptor felt like them out of the box. Had to but the pair and can't wait to get back on them.
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Originally Posted by PhilT View Post
What Happend to the supermojo 103???
The 103 was/is a "team" ski, it was never in the catalogue or on the website. I don't know if it's still around or not, but don't count it out just because it's not listed on there.
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Canuck is right, the 103 is still around.

(look for it on SAC by the end of Dec.)
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