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happy B Day Rusty Guy!

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Happy Birthday!
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Indeed, happy birthday. You should be getting extra-special treatment, given the coincidence of being both your birthday and father's day.

Happy happy from both of us!
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Best of the day to you Rusty.

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Happy Birthday and a Happy Fathers day.
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Happy Birthday, my friend, and Happy Fathers Day, as well. I hope you've had a great day with the fam, gotten out on the bike, or done something else that you really wanted to do... All the best...
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Happy Birthday!!!!!
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Many Happy Returns

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Rusty, Happy Birthday, I think of you often.

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Happy Birthday Rusty. You're one of a kind.
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I hope those Bengals haven't got you so busy that you can't find time to at least check in here now and then, Rusty!

Happy Birthday! Don't forget to write. . . .

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thanks all.....

i ran up to dumont, played around on I-70 on my carvers and had a romantic dinner with my two favorite experts.
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Isn't that Duhmont?

Where's Marvin the Marauder and his Magic Bulldozer when you need him?
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