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Odd that ya'll have missed some of the greatest instumental music of all time. Most of these were solid chart hits in the 60's and 70's and remain popular replays today.


These were all about skiing.......................


Walk Don't Run



Out Of limits (possibly the best)





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Bit of a bump, but thought those who have been posting songs about skiing might get a kick out of this one, one of my favorites to listen to on the drive up to the resort.



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Found one about snowboarding, Freshies by Keller Williams. 


The word traverse is what I like to avoid,
My hobbies include popping ollies off an asteroid.
Felling the flow of the snow as we go,
The sun makes you blush in the slush,
you should know.
Fifty on the nose,
Trim nails on the toes,
Full charge on the pod,
when it dies it blows,
like the wind,
Again and again,
It's stingin my nerve ends,
the chills they send,
and the bend in my knee,
it makes me see,
this could be free,
if you hike up the trees,
Use them as a hand-hold brave and bold,
in the cold,
so I'm told.

Floatin' on the freshies

Use 'em as a hand-hold brave and bold,
You know it's not my thing,
too much work that it brings,
stick me on a lift,
stick a lighter in my fist,
I'm fightin for the flame it becomes a game,
pull jacket over brain,
works magic like David Blaine.

Levitatin, elevatin , glass box vegetatin,
Simulate, stimulate,
Distract yourself from the constant straight,
Goofy-footed, poofy hooded,
Left side as I'm shootin through the trees,
Just like the breeze,
As I'm floatin on the freshies.

Floatin on the Freshies 

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I think classical can be most inspiring!

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Boom, Boom, Pow -- by the Black Eyed Peas.  That about skiing, right?

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I've always like the Jane Siberry tune The Sky is So Blue.  Not totally about skiing, but this verse is:


We're going to the mountains
If there's still a little snow
Gonna do some spring-skiing
Go as fast as we can go
Give instructions from the chairlift
And tell all those tourists to go for it
See the shorts and t-shirts
Go whizzing through the trees
With their Hollywood sunglasses
And the scratches on their knees
Yodelling on the mountainside
And cutting the air like chickadees

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I like those lyrics a lot better than the ones I posted. Good stuff. :) She's Canadian eh?

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there's a blue rodeo song called 'dark angel'. at one point the lyrics go, "so colorado is the place i have to go, i heard a rumour she loves the mountains and the snow."


always makes me think of skiing, and dumb and dumber.  

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

I like those lyrics a lot better than the ones I posted. Good stuff. :) She's Canadian eh?

Yeah, that sounded right but I thought I'd confirm.  Born in Toronto 1955, changed her name to Issa in 2006.

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Downhill Stuff - John Denver

You don't get too old to play, you get old because you stop playing
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I could post up my entire playlist, but Ill just throw out my top 3.

Moneyshot - System Check
Editors - Munich
Rick Astley - You Move Me
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There are lots of songs about skiing - see:

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MWskier,  GREAT post!

"You don't grow too old to play, you grow old because you stop playing"
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 Nice find MWskier!

Ski Albums


Ski Songs by Bob Gibson

Can be purchased at:

  • Celebrated Skier
  • In This White World
  • Super Skier
  • My Highlands Lassie
  • Bend In His Knees
  • Talking Skier
  • Ski Patrol
  • Skiin' In The Mornin'
  • Super Skier's Last Race
  • What'll We Do
  • Skol To The Skier





The Cotton-Pickin' Lift Tower and other Ski Songs

by Ray Conrad

Can be downloaded at:

Side 1:

1. Round-Bottomed Bogners,
2. The Cotton-Pickin' Lift Tower,
3. Skiing Billy (with Rosalie Sorrels),
4. In the Mountains Near Alta,
5. Two Cubes with a Slug of V. O.,

Side 2:

1. The Ski Instructor,
2. The Mineshaft Song,
3. The Last Ride,
4. Skier's Bible School (with Rosalie Sorrels),
5. Stretch Pants Lament,
6. An Ounce of Prevention,
7. The Skier's Daydream






In Ski Country by the Hustlers


Side One

  • Ski Country
  • In This White World
  • Watch Out For That Lift Tower
  • Highlands Where We Ski
  • Ski The Rocky Mountains
  • Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme)

Side Two

  • Aspen Ski Blues
  • Edelweiss
  • Super-Skier
  • Four Strong Winds
  • Cremation Of Sam Magee
  • Lovers Of Snow





A Snow Job for Skiers
by Oscar Brand


Side One

1. Why the Hell Do We Ski
2. Skier's Proposition
3. Ski Racks and Boot Sacks
4. Old Ski Tow
5. Ballad of the Snow Bunny
6. Ski Instructor
7. Back to Town

Side Two

1. Come Along Boys
2. Roll Your Leg Over
3. Summit Ski Meet
4. Hills of West Virginia
5. Stretch Pants Lament
6. Skier's Daydream





Ski Patrol Revisited by Eric T. and the Skis

Can be purchased at:

4 x 4

Road Closed


Unwanted Binding Release (U.B.R.)

Mellow Daddy Skier

Short Skis Suck

Liftline Pileup

Ski Naked

Last Night at Rosie's




Powder Party by Faust and Lewis

Can be purchased at:

  • Skiing Bums #1
  • Powder Party
  • Alabama Skier
  • Skiing Bums #2
  • Terrified Skiers on the Bunny Slopes
  • The Ski Line Song
  • Skiing Bums #3
  • Psycho Skier
  • Snowball
  • Skiing Bums #4
  • Simon & Skifinkle
  • Skiing the United States
  • The Blue Square
  • Skiing Bums #5
  • I Lika Da Snow




Gentlemen Skiers
by the Wegeman Brothers


Side 1:

1. Winterland
2. Two Boards
3. Wacky Waxer
4. Oola
5. Here's to the Skier
6. Sven

Side 2:

1.Skiers Medley
2. Skiers Lament
3. Under the Take-off
4. Sun Valley
5. Winter Song
6. Ski Heil




Takin' a Ride With the Wind by


  • Takin' a Ride With the Wind
  • Snowbird
  • A Reason for Winter
  • Wrong Mountain Blues
  • Let It Shine
  • A Nice Place to Live
  • Chumley's Bus
  • Nobody in the Canyon
  • Country Mountain Shakedown
  • Vanishing Skyline




Big Air by Darin Talbot

Can be purchased at:

  • Tweeker Shred Master
  • Big Air
  • Ski Bum
  • Boarder Girl
  • Heaven's Pie
  • Snow Day
  • Loaded, Lazy, Leisure Life
  • Perfect Tahoe Day
  • Tahoe Castaway
  • Einstein
  • Old Friend




Songs of the Slopes by Mac Macdonald

Can be purchased at:


  • Snowboard Girl
  • Ski Summit
  • Smoke Shack
  • Silverthorne
  • Please Come To Dillon
  • Cecelia's
  • One Night in Keystone
  • Lift Operator
  • The Burn
  • Goldpan Face
  • In the Ghetto
  • Help from your Hand
  • Snowboard Guy




Ski trails by Jo Stafford


Side 1

  1. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  2. Moonlight In Vermont
  3. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  4. By The Fireside
  5. Winter Song
  6. It Happened In Sun Valley

Side 2

  1. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
  2. The Nearness Of You
  3. Winter Wonderland
  4. June In January
  5. The Whiffenpoof Song
  6. Sleigh Ride





Tahoe Backcountry
by Darin Talbot

Can be purchased at:

1 Tahoe Backcountry

2 Lazy Days in Tahoe

3 Old School Rider

4 The Bloody Mary Song

5 Dusk Upon the Lake (tahoe Child)

6 Tail Grab

7 For a Drive

8 The Finest Drunken Soldiers

9 Leaving Hawaii

10 Song For You

11 Tweeker Shred Master (live)





Ski Comedy



Skiing, Doctor D (Time on My Hands) itunes

Skiing/Drunk/Two Fingers, Gilbert Gottfried (Dirty Jokes) itunes

Skiing/Snowboarders, Bobby Collins (I Wanna Go home!) itunes

Extreme Sports, John Pinette (MakingLite of Myself) itunes

Skiing, Bill Cosby (Oh, Baby)







Skiing Song, John Winn (Canyon Wind) itunes

Agressive Alpine Skiing, Mausland Band itunes

The Great Mt. Hood Skiing Disaster, Chris Charles (The Folksinger) itunes

Meat's in the Freezer (Let's Go Skiing), David Walburn (Montana: Life under the Big Sky) itunes

The Great Mt. Hood Skiing Disaster, Chris Charles

Skiing in the Snow, Laura Pallas

She Want to go Skiing, Ben Patton

Long Distance Skiing, Blues Basement

Snow Skiing, The Arouser


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 Alright, who's looking up iTunes for these ^^^^?
I'll admit, I have and its a hoot!!!
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-  Theory of a Deadman

-  Sublime

-  Seether

-  Crossfade

-  Alice in Chains

-  Kotton Mouth Kings

-  Nine Inch Nails

-  Tool

Thats a lttle of my skiing playslist
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You should check out Dispatch and State Radio. They would fit your listening genre well.
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You should add Dispatch and State Radio to that list. they are two of my favorites along with the ones you have listed ;-)

Originally Posted by rossi9irl View Post

The one skiing related song that I can think of is "Mountains Win Again" by Blues Traveller. I don't listen to music while skiing, but some great music that I listen to pre/post skiing is:
Bob Marley
Jack Johnson
Ben Harper
John Mayer
I believe there was a big thread about this a few years back.
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Although its not really skiing music, Tom Petty has always reminded me of skiing. Here's the story... my friend's mom played it in the car the entire trip to and from Discovery Basin the first time I had the privalege of skiing there. Later during my college years in Butte, Disco was my home area. Now that I live far away and only ski there maybe once or twice a year, I still feel like it is my home resort and it is still one of my favorite places to ski. So I wouldn't recommend Tom Petty for others, but it does the trick for me! :-)
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It's not about skiing but the Soundtrack of Shaun White Snowboarding.
Is nice to listen to whilst shredding in three dimensions.

Especially the collection "Powder Puff"

It Features classics, but also new alternative beats.

The songs:

*put into a spoiler block so this post won't be too long ;)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

• “The Press Corpse” - Anti-Flag
• “Gasoline” - Audioslave
• “Berlin” - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
• “Weapon of Choice” - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
• “Don’t Fear the Reaper” - Blue Öyster Cult
• “Hurricane” - Bob Dylan
• “Someday Baby” - Bob Dylan
• “Acceptable in the 80s” - Calvin Harris
• “Clean My Wounds” - Corrosion of Conformity
• “Time to Fly” - Dunk
• “We Come 1” - Faithless
• “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” - Gil Scott-Heron
• “Counting the Days” - Goldfinger
• “Jump into the Fire” - Harry Nilsson
• “Barracuda” - Heart
• “The Fashion (Do or Die)” - illScarlett
• “Anna Molly” - Incubus
• “White Rabbit” - Jefferson Airplane
• “Reason Is Treason” - Kasabian
• “Stuntman” - Kasabian
• “Cult of Personality” - Living Colour
• “Working for the Weekend” - Loverboy
• “Control” - Metro Station
• “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters” - MGMT
• “Time to Pretend” - MGMT
• “Dashboard” - Modest Mouse
• “Stompbox” - Overseer
• “Rock Box” - Run DMC
• “Ill Placed Trust” - Sloan
• “Ring of Fire” - Social Distortion
• “Save Yourself” - Stabbing Westward
• “The Ballroom Blitz” - Sweet
• “Perfect Wave” - The Beautiful Unknown (Formerly Barlow)
• “Keep Loving Me” - The Draytones
• “Waiting for Go” - The Dykeenies
• “Alive & Amplified” - The Mooney Suzuki
• “Great DJ” - The Ting Tings
• “Every Inambition” - The Trews
• “Animal I Have Become” - Three Days Grace
• “Play That Funky Music” - Wild Cherry

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Originally Posted by npldeep View Post

Although its not really skiing music, Tom Petty has always reminded me of skiing.
"Running Down A Dream" is a GREAT song to ski to!
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Songs about skiing and winter:

Luckie St. -Cartel (my absolute FAVORITE)
Couple of Friends- Bryon Friedman
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I like to listen to New Minglewood Blues by the Dead when I ski. It has a nice rhythm.

Apres Ski: Kind of Blue  Miles Davis
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Definitely Guano Apes - "Lords Of The Boards" ... even you are not a border 
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MY FRIEND IS A PRO-  TEAM USA.  colby west and john symms killed it for having no rapping experience at all

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Not this..

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This is my song . I hope you will enjoy .




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I like to listen to some chill or hardcore music:

Tyler the creator- Yonkers

Earl Sweatshirt- Earl

Kid Cudi- Whole man on the moon album

Deadmau5- Strobe

Florence and the Machine-Dog Days are over and You got the love


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I like to listen to some chill or hardcore music:

Tyler the creator- Yonkers

Earl Sweatshirt- Earl

Kid Cudi- Whole man on the moon album

Deadmau5- Strobe

Florence and the Machine-Dog Days are over and You got the love


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