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In the early 60s the Chad Mitchel Trio had an albumn of "ski songs". Besides the Ballad of Super Skier it included Super Skier's Last Race and Sundeck Superman.("buy the fastest clothes you can, talk skiing like a man, but don't let them catch you on the slopes")
I only saw it once at a friends house. The first two were "standards" in the area bar 30 years ago. Super Skier is to the tune of "Wreck of the Old 97" and SS's Last Race to the "Battle Hymn of the Republic"("Gory,gory,what a helluva way to die")
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SLATZ-Here you go,Super*Skier. Chad Mitchell Trio
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Originally posted by SkiBumChic:
...And what is your favorite post-skiing music...Any particular bands or songs that invoke the urge to ski?
John Denver, ya baby!!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Counting Crows (Long December)
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Most of the stuff off August..., and I reckon Hard Candy will grow on me enough to make it there as well.

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Yo, some excellent skiing music is by a band called COllective Soul. Check it out, it's excellent good times music.
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Originally posted by MelloBoy:
ah...opiate...the first and imho best tool album...i like the gaping lotus experience [img]smile.gif[/img]

Can't leave out Lateralus or the (Tool) Box set.
While we're at it...A Perfect Circle's "Mer De Noms" should qualify as well. :
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I'm a big CC fan. The first two CD's were great. The one before Hard Candy blew. When I first started listening to HC, I couldn't get into it. However, after listening to it, I like all of it except maybe one or two songs.
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My wife likes Talking Heads "Making Flippy Floppy" for skiing bumps..... Everybody GET IN LINE.
I like the Dead before, during and after.
Love DMB anytime.
Songs about skiing, can't think of any.
Really, the music I most often hear in my head or hum out loud while skiing is Johan Strauss' "Blue Danube Waltz". Great for any type of turn, 3/4 time for long turns or turn with the melody for short turns.
Also Paul Simon's "Diamond On The Soles Of Her Shoes"? Don't we all have diamonds on the soles of our shoes when we ski?
How about Rusted Root, almost anything from their "When I Woke" CD, if you like acoustic guitar based, rhythmic, percussive, 'world beat' music, check them out.
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Originally Posted by atomic_ski_bum View Post
Don't know if you've ever heard it, Download "Super Skier", by the Chad Mitchells Trio. I first heard it in a Glen Plake movie and It is a great Hokey Ski song. Did I mention its a little Hokey?
I love that song! My favorite line is, "Buy the fastest clothes you can, and talk skiing like a man, but don't let people catch you on the slope." The song was in "Snowhat?", a movie that Glen Plake and Mike Hattrup made back in '93. The Chad Mithells Trio version is actually a remake and way more "hokey" than the original. The one on the movie is the original, it was sung by a folk singer from the 50's named Bob Gibson. He made an entire album called "Ski Songs": http://bobgibsonlegacy.com/skisongs.asp.

"Snowhat?" actually has three of them, Super Skier, Highland Lassie, and Celebrated Skier. This album is just so perfect and nostalgic. I may only be 27, but it still brings me back to the "olden" days of skiing. Give it a listen if you can.
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Rebirth of an old thread. Last week, I came across a reference to an album of ski music by someone named Darin Tabot. Went to Amazon and ordered a used copy for $0.89 plus shipping. Amazon posted a track list, but no sound clips. All ski titles. It's on the way.
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thank you

Originally Posted by nludke View Post
Counting Crows (Long December)
One of my recent favorites - great winter song

Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention the marketing genius of putting this song on the Delta BOS/SLC inflight music - the Cream classic

"In the White Room ..."
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Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull is another good one to listen to while skiing.
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Summertime - Sublime.

Play this over an over on your way up I-70 on the way to Mary Jane.

Not about snow but you will make the best turns in your life once you get the groove stuck in your head.

"Me and my girl (Maryjane) got a relationship..."

My other fave is Suprise Valley by Widespread Panic. Got to play it over and over all the way up the highway to get the groove stuck in your head. (Or you could just buy an IPOD.)
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The album called Ski Songs was by Bob Gibson, not The Chad Mitchell Trio. It was released in 1959 and - the good news - it was finally released on CD in 2008. You can buy it online from the Bob Gibson web site at:


Ski Songs at Bob Gibson Legacy


Valerie Magee

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While the Thread Lich is at it again, raising ancient things from the dead, I'll recommend


The Bridger Creek Boys' Ski Song -- you can hear it on their myspace page.


Me, I'm a bit of an odd one, things I like to listen to while skiing include, Bluegrass (Del McCourey, Bridger Creek, Doc Watson), Phish, and the Beastie Boys -- early stuff like Paul's Boutique and License to Ill.


Gets ya rippin.

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Skiing on the Snow


Super G - rocket sleds


super G - 2 plank skank


Super G


Super G - forget the name but super funny lyrics


Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal



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Short Skis Suck

Eric T. & the Skis

  Sample Play a sample of this audio track.



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Every winter I seem to find a record/cd etc. that is the defining sound track for the season. Last year I played on high rotatation the Dylan covers record "I'm Not There" with the first track "All along the Watchtower" performed by Eddy Vedder. Classic - "Four Riders were approaching and the wind began to hooowl . . . "

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Great thread.



Originally Posted by slider View Post


SLATZ-Here you go,Super*Skier. Chad Mitchell Trio


Slider, I downloaded that way back when you posted this. Thanks.


"Sara in the Summer" by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band mentions Breckenridge, Loveland and Copper Mountain, but it's set in summer. "Telluride" by NGDB is a really nice song. "The little one by my side" refers to a large nugget of gold, not a baby. Searching Google for the title of that song, I found another "Telluride" by Tim McGraw which I haven't heard but I like the lyrics.


String Cheese Incident are all skiers, (freeheel of course, haha), I've heard reference to a ski town (probably Telluride again) in one of their songs, another song mentions mountaintop in Utah.  "Up the Canyon", while not about skiing, reminds you of places you may have been. I have a DVD, "Waiting for the Snow", which shows them on the road, skiing and riding (one of them is shown doing both, although not at the same time), and playing a concert mid-mountain at a ski resort, I don't remember which one.


"Mountain Jam" by the Allman Brothers

A mention of Taos in "Contract" by New Riders of the Purple Sage

Perhaps I'm dating myself here. On that tangent,  Beatles skiing in "Help".


I don't know any songs about skiing that haven't already been cited, but I might think of a few more that mention mountains or ski towns in the lyrics.

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My skiing music for the past couple months. 





My daughter just rolls her eys at her old man but I think she likes it as well.

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My current playlist starts with "White Room" and ends with "I'm Still Standing".


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When I'm gettin' crazy music:


Mountain -- Mississippi Queen

Metallica -- Creeping Death, Master of Puppets, Battery, Enter Sandman

311 -- Down. Beautiful Disaster, Come Original

Disturbed -- Indestructible, Stupify, Stricken, The Night

P.O.D. -- Lights Out, Boom, Alive, Satellite

The Black Crowes -- Twice as Hard, Remedy, Hard to Handle

AC/DC -- Thunderstruck, Chase the Ace, For Those About to Rock

The Offspring -- Self Esteem, The Kids aren't Alright, Defy You, Pretty Fly for a White Guy

Led Zeppelin -- The Ocean, Black Dog, Kashmir, Over the hills and Far Away


Mellow Ski trees in Powder Music:


DMB -- American Baby, The Space Between, Everyday

BTO -- Let it Ride

Blue Oyster Cult -- Burnin for you

311 -- Amber

Allman Brothers -- Midnight Rider

Pink Floyd --  Learning to Fly

Eric Clapton -- I Shot the Sheriff, Cocaine

Sublime -- What I Got, Santeria



That's most of it.... 

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I really enjoy Electro House and Rap while I ski.... Which means a good DJ mix suits skiing perfectly... no changing songs and nonstop Dance music... PERFECT!


Check out some good mixes here===> http://www.musicv2.com/artist/djlatent

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My all time favoritre is probably Planet Claire by the B-52's.  Ghost in the Machine, The Wall, Lots of late 70s and early 80s.  Maybe a little offspring, jazz, blues, country, punk, funk, hip hop, r-n-b, new wave...remember Gary Numan?  It's all good as long as I'm goin. skiing

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Since this thread has now changed form songs about skiing. Can't forget the classic here:

Mitch Ryder's "When you were mine" written by Prince.


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Personally, I like Tool before skiing, but Roxanne by The Police has been my personal ski anthem for decades...


Early 1980s, I'm riding chair w/ brother over a steep mogul field. A guy is bombing down bumps below us, looking very good. At the top of his lungs, he is singing/yelling Roxanne. Sang the entire time we could see/hear him, pretty dang well too. Moguls a cappella. I've tried to recreate his performance, but singing while skiing bumps is WAY harder than you might think.

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Originally Posted by hoody View Post


Personally, I like Tool before skiing,

I totally get how the haunting melodic bass harmonics Tool uses a lot would be a good pre-ski adrenaline booster.


M-m-m-My Sharonna by the Knack is also a good song to sing in the bumps.














M-m-m-My -turn



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The Replacements' 'Buck Hill' - a kind of 'ski punk' (as opposed to surf punk) instrumental (or almost instrumental: the only lyrics are 'Buck Hill', shouted in a way to make them sound a little like something more expletive) and an ironic ode to that funny little ski hill in suburban Minneapolis.


It's from the early album 'Hootenanny', before The Replacements dropped enough of the punk posturing to let Paul Westerberg's art and craft come to the front. IMHO the greatest American band of the '80s, finally getting the recognition they deserve. PW would go on to become arguably the greatest American songwriter since Dylan.  

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