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"Ticket to Ride": The Beatles



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The Physics of Cross-Country Skiing. Various Artists.



MADNORSKIERS UBA PWN N00BS! :) "Use Somebody": Kings of Leon



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"Red Dog Speaks": Elvin Bishop. Definitely for the ride up the hill.



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"The Candy Man": Sammy Davis Jr. A Mt. Rose song.



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"The Warmth Of The Sun": The Beach Boys. A backcountry kick-and-glide song. 



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Hey since we are talking about snow songs......He is a question for anyone because i can't find out the song's title


If anyone watches a show called season pass (all about skiing) on the outdoor channel with comcast... what is the song they play at the end of opening trailer to the show...any help would be great

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Much of the music listed on or linked to from this thread is not best classified as ski music. It makes sense to rename the thread "The Good Music Thread" and move it to the Apres-Ski forum. Make it a place for Bears to post quality music of any type. 



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"Here Comes The Sun": The Beatles



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On the Threshold of a Dream. The Moody Blues for night skiing just fits. I find myself often listing to album
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"Matchbox": Carl Perkins, Duane Eddy, The Mavericks




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"Stranger in Paradise": Tony Bennett




But open your angel's arms
To this strangers in paradise


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"Rockin' My Life Away": The Killer 




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Heavy Bells by J. Roddy Walston and the Business


Time to kick it up a notch...



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"Kissimmee Kid": Dickey Betts (Vassar Clements fiddle)




File source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Betts_Hwy_Call.jpg 

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"I Left My Heart In San Francisco": Tony Bennett





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I skied for years with Avalon by Roxy Music on the Walkman.on auto reverse.


For scary steep stuff Paint it Black by the Stones



Yeah Yeah I know  I am an old fart.

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"Drive My Car": The Beatles




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Can't let the Mavericks go by without posting this.




Originally Posted by OldSchool47 View Post

"Matchbox": Carl Perkins, Duane Eddy, The Mavericks




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"I'm A White Boy": Merle Haggard




If you want to get ahead you got to hump and get it

I'm a white boy lookin’ for a place to do my thang.


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"Statesboro Blues": The Charlie Daniels Band





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"San-Ho-Zay": The Fabulous Wailers (live at The Castle)





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"Tupelo Mississippi Flash": Jerry Reed




The boss man he fired me and left me out in the street
But I got a new job now and I'm learnin' real fast
I'm drivin' the bus for the Tupelo Mississippi Flash



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"Stompin' Willie": The Fabulous Wailers





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Keeping it ski related (but 30+ years old!)


Gina Gina, he's just a ski instructor..

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"Fairies Wear Boots": Black Sabbath from Paranoid




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"Oklahoma Swing": Vince Gill and Reba McEntire




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"Blender Blues": Bonnie Raitt







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"Mashi": The Fabulous Wailers





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"Ace of Spades": Link Wray




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