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Things to do in the summer:

The Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater has top notch productions that run throughout the summer: http://www.cdasummertheatre.org/Home.asp

Many productions sell-out, so buy tix in advance.

If you happen to get delayed until August, the Festival at Sandpoint also has good entertainment: http://www.festivalatsandpoint.com/tickets.html

The Route of The Hiawatha is an entertaining way to spend a day:

Comments on Sandpoint lodging: The LaQuinta is much nicer than the Quality Inn but is more $$$. I have stayed at both a number of times. When I am by myself, I go cheap but with the wife it is the LaQuinta (formerly Connies) The Best Western is ok near the city beach, but I don't care much for the Lakeside Inn, in the same area.

If you are staying C d'Alene, I suggest going to one of the B & B's. The Coeur d'Alene Resort is nice, but I am to cheap to pay the $$$ and most of the other hotels are run of the mill chain hotels near the interstate. There is a new Holiday Inn Express right at the NW Blvd. exit, which I would guess would be the nicer one of that type of lodging. The owners of the local HI Express franchises do a better job than most.

Anyhow, if you have questions, drop me a line and I will try to provide more info and phone number.

Yeah, I know not too much skiing info, but even if this is your only visit to the area, it should be fun.
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Just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions.
My Sandpoint trip was a great success and I think that the Sandpoint area is definitely near or at the top of the list for the place I'd like to retire to. Northern Idaho is incredibly beautiful and abounds with recreational opportunity. A few people from Epic went out of their way to give me advice and link me with contacts through PM's, email, and phone calls. I want to especially thank them.

Best, Si
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Si. A friend of mine just gave me a CD on Realestate etc. in Sandpoint area. She saaid its really worth viewing. Send me a PM with your address and I'll send it to ya.
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I was just browsing around Epic and found this old thread I started.  Thought I might update things.  My wife (formerly my GF in this thread) and I have now sold our house in Michigan and bought a house in Sandpoint.  I am flying to Spokane/Sandpoint on Sunday to meet the movers with our furniture..  We will be moving there permanently in about a year or so (plus or minus 6 months).


I will be there Monday-Thursday 2/23-2/26 but don't know if I'll get to ski.  It depends on the move.


If anyone is interested in meeting for dinner, drinks, or hopefully skiing drop me a PM.

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wow, awesome Si! 

Amazing to dig up a two year old thread too.

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Hey Tog, not that tough.  Just plugged in Sandpoint and searched.  I was trying to remember all the Epic people who live in the area.  I think there's an instructor from Schweitzer who has been posting here since that time but I didn't see a way to search for people by their location.  I thought I might look him up if I got up to the resort inbetween unpacking duties.

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Eichardt's is the place to drink in SP, and I can be found there in the summer one or two weeknights.

 You'll have to check out Priest lake too nice area in the summer. You'll end up running into all the BC skiers in no time next winter it's a smallish group. 


Hope you are on the west side of town or you will have to learn to love train whistles.

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Thanks Teledance.  I'm sure I'll be at Eichardt's one or more of the 4 nights I'm there next week!  It's not clear I'll be able to be there full time yet next winter but the winter after for sure.  I definitely look forward to meeting up with the BC skiers.  I already know the guy running the cat operation off of Schweitzer and I hope to do some touring with him when he isn't working.  I've also met one other guy who tours a lot.  We drove up to Priest Lake one day on our way back to Spokane last year.  It is gorgeous up there.


My new house is on a low ridge a couple hundred vertical feet up from the tracks north of town.  I suspect we will have to get used to some muffled train sounds.


Are you in town next week?  PM me if you're interested in meeting up.



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Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post


Nelson and Whitewater are only about an hour to an hour and a half away.


Um, no. I like Sandpoint, and have skied Schweitzer, but Nelson and Whitewater are more like 3.5 hours away. Rossland and Red would be about the same. (In case you haven't looked in the upper right corner, I live in Nelson. Or near it, anyway.)


My wife and I looked at Sandpoint (I'm an American), but the economy and the cost of health care were major issues. The real estate was attractive and reasonably priced.


Sandpoint, you will discover, does suffer from a busy highway right through the middle of it. The long bridge suffers long delays during rush hours, unless you're on a bicycle. The solution proposed by Idaho DOT sounds ugly, since it will effectively cut off the beach from the town, but I haven't seen much detail. Maybe it will be elevated. Dunno.


By the way, Si, as you probably already know, ski conditions at Schweitzer right now (and in the rest of the PNW and southern BC) are not representative. We're having a poor year. Next year will be better. I will not invite you to Whitewater this year, unless it dumps in March, but we've never had two bad years in a row, so next year should be worthwhile.


The northern Idaho area is gorgeous. Drive the Selkirk loop. Most of it is worth the trip. Take the ferry across Kootenay Lake. It's free.


Check out sea kayaks as a way to explore the big lakes. Enjoy your new home!

Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket?

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Si and Mrs. Si,  Welcome to Northern Idaho.  Some other Bears in the area;  GarryZ/spokane; Deemo/BC;Alberto/BC; Goldmember/spokane;IDSWH1/Sandpoint; Resonate11(skis schweitzer).Also friend Jon who lives in Couer d alene and is going to join Epic after going to JH Gathering.  He has a season pass to schweitzer.


Welcome, shh: don't tell too many people.

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Thanks Pete and JH.  We are definitely looking forward to being in Sandpoint full time but that's not for about a year, give or take a few months.  This trip is only to meet the movers and get our stuff in the house.  We'll be there a couple of separate weeks this summer to unpack properly.


It's pretty iffy whether we will be there in time to enjoy the ski season next year but if we do I look forward to skiing with you folks.  It would also be nice to meet up in the summer if you want to come up for drinks or dinner.  I'm not sure how much time we'll have to hike, but we love to do as well if it works out.


Pete, if Jon is going to be up skiing next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday tell him to give me a shout as I might be able to get a few hours in on those days.  You can give him my email (if you still have it) and I'll exchange numbers or just PM me.


Thanks for the welcome and info.



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Si-  My wife and I are also relocating to SP from AK and can't wait.  We grew up in the northwest, but have spent the last 15 years relocating around the country.  One visit to the area, and we knew we here home.  We will be there looking for a house in March, and then moving in May.  While I haven't skied Schweitzer, some people who's opinion I respect (most are Crystal Mt. locals) love the mountain, and can't wait for me to get there to have somewhere to crash.


I hope that your move goes well, and maybe we will run into each other some time. 

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Hi Bert,


I sent you a PM (private message) with my phone number if you have any questions or need some recommendations on things in Sandpoint.


Best, Si

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SI,  well I only live in Sdpt in summer, live down at Rose Lake in winter and ski Silver and Lookout. I do know most of the BC skiers up there and used to ski with Kenny before he went pro and I moved south.

May be up tues 24th but it needs to snow.


Hope you sleep hard as those trains do not go quietly through the good night.  


jhcooley, has some of Sdpts faults down and yes rush hour traffic is horrible bypass is way overdue as they did not grow smartly and are down to bad or no choices in bypass fixes.  

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I gotta say that for once in my life I hope it doesn't snow (until Tuesday) as it will be difficult enought getting my stuff moved in winter, let alone with snow on my road (which has 2 switchbacks on the way to the house)!  I hope I will never again have to express such bad vibes.  My apologies!

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Well Si, what's the verdict on the skiing?

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Originally Posted by golson99 View Post

Well Si, what's the verdict on the skiing?

VERY pleased and satisfied with the skiing.  We did out permanent move in Sept. of 09.  Last year was only a fair snow year but the coverage and skiing were consistently good just about all year.  I got in over a 100 days and was able to skin up after the season for another few weeks.  This year has been more snow.  The last month has been especially interesting with lots of storms and wind.  It's really been fun to ski so many different types of wind pack.  I never imagined how variable wind pack could be.  We've also had our share of soft snow.  We don't get as big of dumps as Utah but there's nothing to complain about here!  One advantage of all the fog and cloud cover here is that the sun doesn't mess with the snow-pack as much.  This year I'll probably get a few less days then last year but that's because of a slow start due to recoveries from shoulder (long standing problems) surgery in late summer and knee surgery in late fall.


Schweitzer as a mountain has lots of interesting terrain with good pitch.  There aren't really any "scary" steeps but more than enough challenge given the terrain.  There's also very good back country access from all directions at the top of the mountain.  The mountain is empty on weekdays and there is but for a few rare exceptions just ski on lifts. I don't ski Saturdays (Sun. - Fri pass) but they are less crowded then any place I know.  Sunday is not crowded by anyone's measure except if you compare it to a weekday.


My living situation is beyond any expectations.  I live at the base of the mountain 9 miles from the village.  I usually drive less than a mile to Schweitzer Mountain Rd. from my house, park across the street at the Red Barn parking lot and take the bus up to the Village. 



If you want a more detailed description of the skiing let me know.

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The operative Schweitzer question of the day:


What if they had a powder day and nonone came?


Hint: this is a rhetorical question smile.gif

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