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EpicSki Announcement

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While it has taken considerable time and effort to address in detail, we are pleased to announce some significant changes to the EpicSki business entity. We expect that these changes will result in a greater ability to get clarity on our objectives and to get moving forward in a number of areas that have been challenging recently.

The first changes are organizational, including both ownership and responsibilities:

The most dramatic changes have to do with the roles of Joan (nolo), Weems, Dwight (sno'more), and Steve (ssh).

First, Joan remains an EpicSki shareholder and has accepted the role of President of EpicSki.

Second, Weems will become one of the EpicSki shareholders and will be overseeing the instructional aspects of EpicSki, including both on-line and at the ESAs. He will be taking on the development of the new on-line instructional environment with participation by ESA coaches and other excellent instructors along with his on-going efforts to continue to improve the ESAs.

Third, ssh will also become an EpicSki shareholder. He is responsible for website operations and business development. He will continue to lead the community efforts, including the moderation team, and work to maintain financial viability of the website and community.

While Dwight will continue his involvement with EpicSki as an advisor, he has decided to step down from the President's position while he continues to support EpicSki and remain a shareholder, as well. The additional shareholders of EpicSki continue to be David Chan (who continues to run the servers), Stewart Johnston (WTFH), and AC.

The other change is structural: EpicSki will be re-incorporated as a standard C corporation in place of the current LLC. This gives us more flexibility both now and in the long-term.

Of course, we continue to benefit from the participation of the rest of the volunteers who comprise the team that makes this place work so well, among them Trekchick, who has taken on some of the more detailed administration tasks with Supporter tracking and the ESAs.

Of course, EpicSki is ultimately a product of the community and the individual contributions of everyone who wants to see this place become all it can be. Thank you all!

Best wishes for fantastic skiing,
ssh for the EpicSki corporation and management team
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Thanks for all you all do. This is a great oasis in the desert of internet garbage.
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congrats to Joan, Steve, Dwight and all those who make this place possible.

I thought I'd add that to celebrate, we have opened the Supporter's lounge to all registered members for a limited time. Summer seems the time to open this area that is open to non-skiing discussions. Enjoy.
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Pres Joan . That sounds pretty good. You guys are great to hang with and learn from . I feel priveliged to be able to converse and get feedback from such people. You should feel proud of what you all have done here.
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Looks like a great team! Best wishes to you and the C corp.
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This is fine news indeed. Congratulations to all.

I'd like to personally and publicly thank Dwight for all he does and has done.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
Thanks for all you all do. This is a great oasis in the desert of internet garbage.

Glad to see long-term thinking and a businesslike approach -- whatever it takes to avoid "tragedy of the commons."
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Good news indeed. Seeing the people in place will make our jobs easier. Thanks for the support.
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Congrats, Joan on your ascent to the "big chair" Your hard work over the years and your delightful personality will be a great benefit to the pres chair. Weems, continued progress with ESA, the ultimate ski academy. Looking forward to the continued technical support on the web. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers for their hard work and enthusiasm. What a groop!

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Nice Work!!

I have not been around for a couple of months partly because the site was so slow it was painfull to visit. Seems to be working very well today though!!!

I really love this place!!
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I haven't been here for long but the site seems wicked cool to me. Let's keep it going strong.

Congrats and thanks to all who are increasing their responsibilities on that front.
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good bitni!
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