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K2 Apache Raider anyone?

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Thinking about buying the K2 Apache Raider 2007/08 for the season in this hemisphere. They seem to be a good price. Anyone got any experience skiing these.
I am a strong intermediate that will go all over the mountain, especially off piste. However the snow conditions in the North Island of New Zealand are similar to east coast of North America. More Hard pack than 10s of inches of powder.
Any thoughts would be most apprecaited. Cheers
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The Raider is one of those that seems to be an answer to an unasked question.

As in....."Gee I'd like to get a K2 Recon but I want it to be softer, more forgiving, and have even less edge grip"

The Recon is an "expert" ski that I feel can be skied comfortably by almost any intermediate. I think the Raider is actually fine for soft snow but would be challenged by the reefs that you guys sometimes have to ski down there,

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Not the ski I'd go for in those conditions. Without knowing your ability or style, I'd think that one of Fischer's AMC series might be a good bet.
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i would concur with SJ.

the Recon is a pretty forgiving, "easy" ski. it's not as "expert" as it's made out to be and it can be really fun in a wide variety of snow conditions. i was seriously on the fence about getting a pair several seasons ago, but decided to demo further.

at any rate the Recon was one of those skis that I got on and just had a blast, felt comfortable and in control on a lot of different terrain from hardpack and Colorado ice to off-piste powder.

not sure about the Raider at all...
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Thanks for your views guys, I appreciate it. I think I will take your advice and have a look at the recon and the fichers. Just might have to go and get some overtime to pay for them now! The season has just started over here but unfortunatley my mountain (its really a volcano) still has to have a lot more snow before it opens. Still gives me a few more weeks to get the cash. The stoke is building!
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If budget is an issue, look at picking up a pair of older Fischer Big Stix (either the 84s or the 8.6s, depending on year). I've purchased two pairs of used 186cm Big Stix 84s -- the 2002 model cost me the equivalent of US$40 (a bottle of whiskey) and the 2001 model (not yet skied by me) US$20.

It took me three days to get used to the Big Stix; they kept trying to get away from me, and wanted to go faster than I did before I got comfortable on them. Once I got the hang of them, though, I fell in love. I find that as long as I keep your form in good shape (weight forward, skis on edge), they're almost as good on firmpack as my 200cm Kastle Carvemachine National Team GS boards -- the only thing they really give up is the speed of shifting edge to edge (2cm difference in width will do that). They bust crud like nobody's business. And they've got enough float to handle most soft snow conditions in the Sierra (not optimal for blower pow, but pretty much everything other than that).

I bought these as a rock midfat for early season use, but by the end of the season, they were my go-to one-ski-quiver. So when I was able to pick up a backup pair, I did.
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