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'New' Photo hosting web sites, Geo-Tagging, and TR/Travel photos

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There's an interesting article in the past weekend's online New York Times discussing some new photo sharing web sites.

'New' meaning they have new features to offer, and I never heard of them mentioned on here. The new features are Geo-tagging photos, (listing GPS coordinates with your photos), linking photos to trip reports done by the average traveller, and a cool sounding a site where you can upload your GPS tracks to share along with, and just like you share photos.

Some of the sites:
www.SmugMug.com > New feature allows GPS coordinates with photos
www.flickr.com/map > Photos by map
www.Panoramio.com > Google's latest acquisition, photos integrate with Google Earth

This sounds like the coolest of them:
www.Everytrail.com > upload GPS tracks and photos

NY Times article, Registration may be required, try bugmenot.com

So, does anyone on here experience or opinions with these 'new' photo travel web sites?
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I've been on Panoramio for several months now -- it is a very cool concept (no wonder Google bought it!).

Unlike regular photo sites though, it is "regulated" -- uploaded photos are supposed to be non-personal. That is, not a picture of Jack and Jill with the Notre Dame in the background. The Notre Dame should be the focus of the picture. The Panoramio staff go through all uploaded pictures and filter out personal shots, but with so many users and images, it's an uphill battle. The users self-moderate this aspect though, bringing any personal shots to the attention of the admins.

Then, once a month, the best pictures are uploaded to Google Earth. It is a very cool thing, to see a map of a place, and then be able to see images. Google's new Street View feature is almost an extension of what Panoramio offers.

And has anyone seen the demo of Microsoft's PhotoSynth project? It will blow you away -- it's like Street View on steroids. Lots of copyright complications though.
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EveryTrail looks cool. I haven't tried it, but it seems that you need a GPS to upload data? That's a pretty big barrier to entry. I'm outdoors a lot and could put up detailed routes using topo maps, but I don't have or use a GPS. Don't know how easy it is to use ET without a GPS.

Plus, if I got a GPS, I think I'd get bogged down with numbers more than experiencing what I'm out to experience. If I read a TR, I'd like to know more about what it looks like, what it felt like. A real accurate route on a map doesn't do anything for me. I've seen several TRs on ET with little or no pics -- but a very accurate GPS track!
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EveryTrail: Yes you do need to a GPS to upload tracks. I haven't used it ... yet, but it says that on the first few pages. It seems to be the opposite of the photo sharing sites that are based on photos, and you add geo coordinates to the uploaded photo, here you upload a GPS track, and the photos are linked to the track.

FYI, EveryTrail and sites like it might just lessen the utility of the pricier, upper end GPS units. The pricier outdoor GPS units include
mapping, mapping in color, and topo maps. Whereas lower end units just save your track (or allow you to navigate a route or previous track), and expect you to view it later after transferring to a topo mapping program on a PC. Example is Garmin, you pay extra for topo maps of the US, and even more extra for detailed (1:24,000) maps of national parks, forests etc. And so with a basic $150 GPS unit, you can view your tracks on a topo map, and share it with others.
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