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Woverine Cirque BCC 6/9/07

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Whew. I'm beat. A bunch of us met at the Brighton Base area and hiked up to wolverine cirque for some summertime sking. I THINK it was Me, Laure, BushwackerPA, Bob Peters, Klaus, Brian, Rebecca, Jason, and Russ. A good time, but a lot of work. Enjoy the photos. Bob and Bushwacker have a bunch more that I'm sure they'll post...

Edit: To see the pics in higher resolution, click this link and view slide show...

The lake with the moraine and the Cirque in the back ground

Bob and Laure doing some bushwackin'

Jason, Klaus and Bushwacker

Upward we go over the moraine (post hole city)

Traversing the Cirque, with granny's in the back ground.

View of Alta, little cottonwood canyon and the salt lake valley from the top of Granny's

Bob in the photo spot

Klaus making a tele turn in some "interesting" snow.
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Going back up for round 2

Bob rips it


Laure (solid as always)

Bushwacker getting some

Brian(?) was on it as well in less than perfect snow

On the way home, Bushwacker, living up to his name. (don't fall in the lake!)

Extreme tree skiing!

All in all, a great trip, less than great snow (but still fun). Can't wait until next year!!!
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Awesome TR/pics Lonnie!

Can I be Bob Peters when I grow up?
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Lonnie, Thanks for sharing!
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ok here is my pictures from the day write up coming when I am not ready to fall asleep...

Awesome scenery, The cirque reflected into the lake

from left to right Laure, Lonnie, Bob Peter, Jason True(aka maggot Jtrue), me

Our Target before we skied it to the ground

Man on the Silver Mountain...Bob Peters

The snow was deep.... Bob Peters

Despite the super thick slush bob still loves it. Remember Bob Peter's standards of good are well just his.

Lonnie leaving some nice tracks

Bob finding some better snow

The chute has been pilaged lets go back for more, the weird stack of light on the right center of the screen is jsut a alittle freaky

Bushwacker tracks on right bob on the left.

The skiing that left those tracks

Brian who's is a great skier

Now to finish up with something from claus's house. His house has the most amazing hummingbird's hundred of them I got some good shots of them.

2birds in the shot

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JTrue's TGR Tr..link to the TGR thread here so some of the bears can see what the maggots really care about.

Well I had talked to BushwhackerinPA and he said a group was getting together to slog out to Wolverine Cirque, I figured it would be fun as well as give me some much needed excercise so I showed up right by Millicent in the Brighton parking lot at 8am. This tour consisted of hiking for about 45 minutes until we hit the snow line and then bootpacking almost the whole way except for a short skin to the base of the cirque. The snow wasn't that great, but good company and the excercise were great. The slog out was fun, trying to stay out of the lake was even better. Sorry I couldn't join you guys for the BBQ afterwards, work sucks! Anyways on to the pics...

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Bravo! Well done all!

Nice to see Bob outrunning the rollerballs!

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Great pics, thanks!
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nice work.. there is life after winter,,,
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Hike A Little Hike a lot

Great Pics, thanks for sharing.
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And A Few More Photos...

Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Awesome TR/pics Lonnie!
I second that. Great Shots!

Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Can I be Bob Peters when I grow up?
Then what would I be when *I* grow up???

Back to the trip report:

It was really a fun time. The skiing was pretty sucky, especially as the narrow part of the chute got more and more skied out. I guess I never really expected more than a foot of new snow to fall right before our expedition. Just like in any ski trip, you get what you get.

Many thanks to Lonnie, Laure, Bushwhacker, JTrue, and the others who attended. It was a great turnout for such short notice.

It's just so nice to hang out up in that cirque on a warm, sunny day. The views are fantastic and you just have this feeling that you're cheating summer by sitting in the snow. It was 85 degrees down in SLC the next day.

Here are just a few more photos to round out the report:

Chava the Wonder Dog (who is fully legal in Big Cottonwood Canyon - a reference to a complaint that was posted over on TGR) warming up in the parking lot before we took off:

Lonnie, Chava, and Klaus on final approach to the summit of Granny's Chute:

And here's a shot of the track, all the way from the terminal moraine at the base of Wolverine Cirque:

Here's the group shot at the top. Alta resort is in the near background and the Salt Lake valley is in the far background. Pretty day.

This is Russ doing the honors as the first one in:

And this is Brian airing out the choke point:

Here's BushwhackerinPA dropping through:

And his buddy JTrue:

Lonnie and Laure at the top, with the Catherine's area of Alta in the background:

I've got a couple more, so I'll have to start another thread.
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More Photos, Take Two:

Here's Lonnie pushing the "Down" button on the elevator:

And Laure finds her line:

Lunch Rocks, Wolverine Cirque style. As we all slathered on sunscreen, Klaus pointed out that sitting in the sun at the bottom of a 180-degree, high-walled, snow-filled cirque is a little like sitting at the focus point of a parabolic mirror.

And Brian tastes a little after-lunch dessert of cream cheese on corn:

Thanks again to everybody who attended. It was lots of fun.

If any of you are saying to yourselves, "Gee. I would just love to slog uphill for hours through brush and boulders and snow just to be able to ski a few dozen turns on whatever manky crap happens to be there NEXT year", mark your calendars for Summer Solstice Day, June 21, 2008.

Be there or, as Warren Miller would say, you'll be another year older when you finally do.
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thanks for the stoke, folks!

next year i'mma bushrush y'all!

i ended up rafting the middle fork of the American River this past weekend whilst you all were hiking and turning. Sadly, cameras in the rapids aren't optimal, otherwise I'd post a pictorial TR.

Again, thanks for sharing and for tossing out an invite to the multitudes!
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post
Klaus pointed out that sitting in the sun at the bottom of a 180-degree, high-walled, snow-filled cirque is a little like sitting at the focus point of a parabolic mirror.
Bushwacker, care to comment on that?
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Damn, I'm another year older. I think this is the 5th or 6th Wolverine Cirque event (that I was invited to) and missed. Something's gotta change! While I expect I'll get to visit and hike with Klaus in Utah and Bob in JH this summer, I really want to trudge up Wolvering Cirque with them. Also, I miss Chava girl's kisses.

I am committing now not to let one more year go by. June 21, 2008 - in my calendar right now.
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Hey guys, this was a great trip and you just look beautiful!
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Tremendous - winter lives on yet again! Lots of effort but rewards to those who did it ....
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