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Why is FREESTYLE SKIING havig such a hard time getting backers?

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Again I thought I would go to the well of KNOWLEGE and pose this question.

Why is our FREESTYLE pro events having such a difficult time getting financed?

BIG sponsors seem to be stepping away from this event in Euorpe. Here is the states it appears we have some cash pushing it through but the Media does not cover it as they should.

Any thoughts?
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It's simple, nobody is watching. The young skiers that once upon a time watched freestyle skiing & bought the gear advertised have been attracted to the freerider scene. Ergo, they are watching the X-Games, Gravity Games & other competitions in that format and don't really care to watch freestyle mogul and jumping events. The marketing mavens have figured this out & embraced the freerider movement.

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Part of the problem in the US is there are no college freestyle teams. Competitors must either give up the sport once they reach college, be good enough to get on the US team or try to compete on the pro circuit. Alpine racers can continue racing on into college and in the masters series after.

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It's just not appealing to the mass market. The aerials are like platform diving..and who really watches that? Mogul skiing is great,but it's also redundant after awhile. Wow, another perfect line and a triple twister. Big mountain / freeriding is a lot more appealing to the viewership. There is a lot more going on there.
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I assume you mean traditional FIS freestyle, as opposed to "new school jibbing". As others have said, nobody is watching and, therefore, it does not influence gear sales. I suspect the reason nobody is watching is that it is not very interesting to watch (despite it requiring a lot of talent and skill to do).

I have watched freestyle mogul competitions where competitors are supposedly free to pick any line through the bumps and then show their creativity in the air with the two jumps. But the point system is structured that virtually every single skier takes the exact same line through the bumps and does almost the exact same moves in the air (and not very stylish moves at that, compared to the "new school" airs). I mean a double spread-eagle or a simple helicopter is not going to get you very far with the crowd these days. But the point system does not offer sufficient incentive to do anything with more flair. And the courses are very narrow and constricted.

The aerials are even less interesting to watch, despite the extraordinary skill and talent required to do it.

That's my take.
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DITTO above.
FIS sux.
They have taken all creativity out of the comps.

Having choice between a "huckfest" ala redbull @ the bird, or an aerial comp I would pick the former.
Same with a slopestyle & moguls. Individuality is the name o the game these days.
Y they don’t let the mogul skiers progress is beyond me. Letting the jids go inverted would raise the bar immensely.
I agree about aerials, I mean huge difficulty but if they are spinning/flipping so fast I cant tell the difference between tricks where is the fun in that.

I have tics for Oly DH & moguls, but I skipped the aerials
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AC, well said, I share your perspective on competition mogul skiing. I have occasionally suggested changing the competition format to mogul skiers but most quickly reject it emphatically then voice that they like it the way it is. Which is the way it always has been for that matter. The way it presently is the coaching can be pretty narrowly focused which eliminates the erratic nature of route choices of real mogul skiing.

I bet if they had mogul competitions which eliminated the speed factor, lengthened the vertical to top to bottom run lengths on long bump slopes which would compel skiers to be more efficient in order not to burn out, and judged on aesthetics and several airs off natural bumps, it would be more interesting for viewers. They could set up a few video cameras at different locations on a slope to record each skier. Before the runs a pro could give a good analysis of the different parts of the slope. Then after all had made their one run everyone would make there way to the main resort bar. There they could play the recorded videos back with a screen for each camera side by side where everyone including spectators could judge more carefully. Or they could even get more high tech and send streaming videos out over WWW. Maybe to vote one would simply have had to been there live in order to have experienced aspects of the runs a video might not entirely communicate. In fact they could have a tour which would visit a number of our famous mogul runs... West Face, Outer Limits, Outhouse, Exhibition... would draw well. -dave
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A.C. and Dave are right on the money. The speed factor should be taken out of the scoring altogether. The kickers eliminated so the bumpers only get air off regular moguls, and turn style should be factored in. You would get more competitors, bigger crowds and it might be more fun to watch. The turn is all but forgotten in mogul competitions. Guys are skiing so fast now they have to wear pants with white patches on their knees just to see the turn. Another reason sponsors shy away is the T.V. coverage or lack of it. The idiots announcing the events can't speak normal and seem like they just smoked a few lefties for courage. Wow! I'm soooo stoked maaan.
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a comp on the ridge of bell would attract me!

Also, in the promos for the new Warren Miller movie it advertised that it featres a quad twisting quad flip. " a move so technically difficult" it is banned in FIS competition.
the hardest moves are banned?
that makes as much sense as banning inverts in the moguls. not much style & certainly not free.
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matt_davis wrote:
"a comp on the ridge of bell would attract me!"

yeah ridge of bell below the lift the way it terraces down the ridge until the final plunge would be an unusual but awesome venue. there are also a number of trees along the way that would make high video cam positions viable. -dave
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