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My local cable company has, in conjunction with a local ski area, created a weekly ski show. I happened to catch that show the other night,here is my review of it. Unfortunately, I did not get it on tape or I would have reviewed the segment on snow-making much more, as it had a lot of great general information on the topic.

Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA now has it’s own weekly television show which airs on WCTR-TV3 out of Worcester, MA, a local channel and service of Charter Communications for their viewing area. This show called, Must Ski TV airs from 8 pm to 8:30 Pm on Saturday evenings. I happened to catch it Saturday for the first time.

Tonight’s show featured a section about snowmaking. In this segment the process of making snow was discussed as well as the different types of guns to make snow and different weather condition requirements needed to make snow. A tour was given of the Wachusett snowmaking plant and the water supply, which includes the snowmaking pond on the premises and Wachusett Pond, which is property of the City of Fitchburg and part of their drinking water supply. About 30% of their annual need for water comes from Wachusett Pond. They have an agreement with the City of Fitchburg and purchase surplus water from them. During this segment there was also a mini section on the Backyard Blizzard.

The next larger segment of the show was about the Southern New England Weather Conference which took place at Wachusett Mountain in early November. At that time, many of the nationally known meteorologists in attendance predicted a snowy winter for this season. Among those in attendance was Mish Michaels, she did a lot of the speaking during the segment.

Several smaller segments were aired throughout the show. These included a segment on ski tuning, skiing and boarding in the half pipe and equipment for children. The segment on equipment for children was provided by RSN. Of course there were also clips of Wachusett Mountain and that song we all know so well we hate it. Polar beverages, which is also run by the Crowley family, received some advertising as well through strategic placement of Polar advertising media throughout the show.

It was an interesting show. Fortunately, Caroline’s squeaky voice was kept to a minimum during it. I am looking forward to catching next weeks show if I am home from Okemo in time. Maybe I’ll set my VCR to record it just.