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TM Rescue Hybrid question

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This probably sounds like the dumbest of the dumb questions, here goes........
What is the difference between the Taylor Made Rescue Mid Hybrid, and the Taylor Made Dual Hybrid?
I can read the difference in the technology but I'm wondering what the difference would be in performance
Will a rookie like me know the difference?

The Taylor Made Rescue Dual has two launch control ports that allow the golfer to change the Center of Gravity location to optimize initial launch trajectory, control, and distance. The widely spaced ports also increase Moment of Inertia thus creating longer, straighter shots.
The Taylor Made Rescue Mid is considerably larger than the original Rescue club The additional size and deeper center of gravity make it very easy to hit high and land softly on the green.
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save your $$$$$

Dual has weights that can be adjusted for hook/ slice tendency - rescue doesn't....remember closed club face usually means hook or pull, open club face means slice or push. Moving the weights can compensate for a poor swing path.

2nd question answer is no. Save your money and work on ball position and swing path and you won't need the weights to fix a bad swing.

I have tm rescue hybrids in my bag and they are fantastic I have steel shafts tho, did not like the graphite. I wanted them to play more like irons than fairway woods.

Go to www.4gea.com golf forums this is discussed ad nauseum on the 4gea forums....see you over there!!!
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