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Wish I lived near MA

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I could make a lot of things with these. Oh well, maybe someone else will snag them.

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Is Phil selling skis again ?
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There are some classics in that lot. A lot of high end skis in their day. From what I can see, I've had most of them (except the Olins).
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Photo #2 shows the infamous Graple and Teal Rossis.
Did they start that color trend or merely contribute to it?
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I could give you a dumptruck full of that type of ski every first weekend of November. Our ski patrol runs a swap and throughs out "old. straight" skis that will not sell, usually afull dumptruck. Want them? in CT.
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Old skis ... and bindings ... and binding screws

I'd love to have access to those old throwaway skis -- specifically so that I can strip the bindings screws off them! I can buy binding screws through the ski area where I patrol, but they come in an entire box per size/head combo, whereas having an assortment of all sorts of random sizes/heads can come in handy for various ski mountaineering binding mounting projects.
I'm within a fairly reasonable drive of Sundown -- I helped teach at Chuck's avy course this past season. I think I'll be available the first weekend in November, although the second weekend I'm teaching a mtn travel/rescue course. You could shoot me an email with the details to JShefftz using the domain of www.NERandoRace.com or I can try remembering to ask Chuck when I see him at the Sept instructors' mtg.
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