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New Ski Question

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Need help with a couple of skis . I ski mostly out west 50/50 trail and off some bumps level 7. I am 6 feet tall and weight 225- 230 . I was looking at snoop daddy in a 174 or the metron 11B5 in a 176. I can't get the snoop daddy in the long skier the 174 is the longest they have left. Has any one been on both skis . I was worried about my weight with the shorter snoop and if you had to pick one ski of the two what would it be . I was going to wait and demo them next season but the price is haft off now . Thanks for any help
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Just a suggestion, but if you are looking for a deal on Atomics and want to go to 185s, which for your weight might not be a bad idea, you can get new Atomic M:EXs on E-bay for $179 (originally $799) and matching new Atomnic Neox 412 bindings for $42 (originally around $325).

I bought that set up near the end of the season (I'm 6'5" and 215 lbs.) and find it to be an excellent all-round ski. The skis are designed for 50/50 on-off piste skiing and have a 84mm waist.

If you do a search on this forum you'll find lots of info on the M:EXs. If you think they'd be a good ski for you it's a screaming deal. E-bay also has them in shorter lengths for slightly more $.
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I am 5'10" and 180lbs. I have the snoop in the 174 and having only skied it once I feel it is a perfect length for me. I would suspect that the 174 would be a bit short for you. 50% off for the wrong size ski is like paying 50% above what you really need. The Metrons ski shorter.
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I have a friend/fellow member who's 20 lbs lighter than you, bought Snoops in the 184 or whatever length (can't remember the exact cm), loves them. Even at level 6, a 174 will be too short for you to enjoy backcountry crud/pow, although it would be nice in bumps and at moderate speeds on the front. Other skis to think about would be a Public Enemy (many here rave about them for all-purpose, easier to ski than the Snoop) or a Big Trouble (especially good for backside freestyle). Might think about the Line Prophet 90 also if your 50/50 emphasizes soft snow. All in 180+. Great prices can be found for these at Sierra Snowboard/Ski (SierraJim's site) or Evo.
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Addendum: Also check out K2 Outlaws if you want a directional ski, more groomed/carving performance. It'll hold up to your size, does everything well (although not quick enough to rock in bumps or tight places), can be had reasonably right now, forgiving enough for a 6-7, but will still give you what you need when you're a lot better.
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