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Park City bus system

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This relates to my spring break trip at PC next year. Altho, we will have a car, I now realize that access to alternative transportation would be useful. My wife usually gets on hill about 11am and quits about 2pm. Myself and my boys will start earlier and quit later. Altho myself and boys will probably ski all over, I think my wife will probably only ski PCMR and Deer Valley. I'm looking at condos at Fox Point at Redstone, Bear Hollow, Red Pine,Powderwood, and Snowcrest. We are used to Whistler's bus system which is quite convenient. I've used Summitt County Colorado's bus system which seemed more of a hassle. Just wondering what PC's is like. How long does it take? Do you have to change buses, etc?
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Snowcrest is by far the best location for you and for what you want. It will be the most convenient for you and for those who quit early and to get around town.

Redstone, Bear Hollow, Red Pine, and Powderwood are all further out. If you were skiing The Canyons than those would be better but since you are limiting yourself to PC and DV Snowcrest is the best. It is also more convenient to Main Street.

The bus system in town is fantastic. You will have to make a transfer to go to DV but it is very convenient and the transit center is just minutes from the condo.

No hassles at all.

If I were you, if the conditions are good, I would ski The Canyons over PCMR.
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If Redstone is up near Kimball Junction, then I think you will have to change buses at the PC Transport center. We never went that far with the bus but we had great experiences with it right around Deer Valley and the immediate Park City area. Now I know my friend took the shuttle from the DV Loop up to the Walmart and she said with the transfer plus all the stops, it took almost 45minutes. For some reason though I think there is an Express Bus, so maybe she got on the wrong one. You can check out the bus schedule on line and it may tell you.

Since your wife isn't a huge skiier, that area maybe great for you because there is an Outlet Mall and Olympic Park. I also heard that if you are taking the shuttle, that Olympic Park has a shuttle that comes down the mountain and will take you back up. Your wife can also take cabs but that can be pricey.

Have fun!
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I talked to someone who said there was an express bus once an hour from Redstone that went only to ski areas. He also said there were buses every 15 minutes that made lots of stops.You're right about wife and shopping. That's a sport she is really into. Unfortunately, I think it's more expensive than skiing.
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