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PE to Coombas?

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Hi, I'm a new poster and would like some advice.
Earlier this year I was part of a group that skied for Charity
in Colorado (for Scope) and had a fantastic time, amongst others with
Rusty. I had been reading this forum for a while so it was cool to realize
that our instructor for one of the six days was him! We skied a variety of terrain during that whole trip and although we tried at first to ski like mad to get to our goal of skiing 150.000 vertical feet in six days in six resorts, we ended up looking for terrain that wasn't groomed. That was where I had most fun and particularly liked Copper, Winter Park, trees and powder.
I decided to join next year's challenge to Utah and can't wait!
My present skis are PE in 174 (I'm 5'10'' and 160)and I love them, but my wife, as well as the other participants, hated the rooster tail. Going to Utah
I don't want to be anti-social (or ski at the back) so have been reading here
to find information about Coombas. Has anyone skied them and how do they compare to PEs? Before I go to Utah, we will be in Aspen for the New Year, so I could try and demo there, but would like some opinions.
London is cloudy at the moment and there is still snow around.........
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(IF) the snow is soft and deep when you get there, the Coomba would be a reasonable choice. It is a big ski and as such is somewhat sluggish to turn relative to what you have and like. Personally, I think that there are a lot of really good directional skis out there that would make a better everyday ski for most conditions than the Coomba. (heck some of them are even K2's)

So...if you want K2's the choice that makes the most sense to me is the Outlaw with a nod to the Recon as a second choice. If you are open to other brands, the choices are myriad. My favorites from '07 is this width category were the Atomic Snoop Daddy and the Nordica Afterburner. The '08 Dynastar Mythic is my new favorite (by a small margin) in this group but the '08 Fischer Watea 84 is another really good choice as is the '08 Salomon XW Fury. There are many many others in the width range of 84-88mm that are very good.

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Recommend doing a search on TGR's Tech Talk forum - these have been discussed there numerous times.
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Thanks for your reply Jim. I'm not necessarily hooked on K2. Before the PEs I had B2s, which were nice but less stable at speed and harder work in deeper snow and crud. I'll try and demo some of your suggestions come winter.
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