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WTB - Long All-Mountains

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Hi folks, long time lurker, first time poster. I'm procrastinating and thought I'd look for some off-season deals on last year's gear. Anyone have any skis for a 6'5" 180lb guy? I'm a 70off/30on piste, bumps are for chumps, more huck for the buck skier.

From what I've read, I think I'd like Elan 777/888s or Monster 82/88s, I just can't seem to find any in 180+ lengths.

Oh, and I'm in Canada .

Many thanks, enjoy your northern hemisphere summers...
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I have some that might be a fit. Fischer Big Stix 8.6 190 cm. w/Look P-12 Demo bindings. (basically unskied) Sell for $250 + shipping. Dynastar L-8000 184 with Look demo bindings (condition good but well used). Sell for $250 + shipping. Or if you really have "huckitis".....Dynastar Legend Pro 194 cm. These are brand new but 3 year old model (original version handmade race room layup) $450 + shipping.

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Go for the LP's! That is a pretty good price for a smoking ski.
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Many great hucks for the bucks but I hope he is a Wheaties eater or has a serious "need......forrrrrrrrrrr......speeeed".......: D

I actually had those sold some time ago for more than that but the check bounced.....and the "buyer" never responded.....(luckily I didn't ship 'em until the check cleared............)

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Trust Jim on the condition. He's a solid guy and won't BS you. He won't sell crap.
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Thanks for the responses. Jim has a great reputation around this forum.

I'm not sure I'm wheaties-ified enough to take on the Legend Pros, I see they're stiff as 2x4s and quite the bomber ski. I need something that'll be a 'one ski quiver' for a Whistler-raised kid stuck out East.

Still... do they have any bindings on them?
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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post
Or if you really have "huckitis".....Dynastar Legend Pro 194 cm. These are brand new but 3 year old model (original version handmade race room layup) $450 + shipping.

I used to have this exact ski. Same 194 race room version. My top 3 or 4 favorite skis EVER.

Jesus...SJ...I didn't know you had these in your shop. These are tempting for me even though I don't need them anymore! (Mrs. Shoe would kill me)
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No they don't have bindings. This is a highly sought after ski by a certain crowd. In the original versions such as this one, they were indeed hand made (only a few hundred/year) in the Dynastar race shop. This was a pr. that I got for myself but I chickened out on 'em so I understand your reticence. Still....I know a number of folks that are more or less my size that ski these and you did sound as if you wanted to "go big".

I'm just a little old to ski a ski like that because to me, "Huck" is a character in a Samuel Clemens novel.........

Ron: They were never in the shop, these have always lurked around the house waiting for me to get up the nerve......never have......probably won't.

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Ac 4

I would be willing to part with my 05-06 Volkl ac4 if that interested you. Trybing to round up some cash. Will sell for 450 (included binding). Tell me if that is of any interest to you.

email blazerski at hot mail

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hi AH,

the 178 nordi ABs are looking to be a better fit for your needs compared to the above-mentioned...performance- and price-wise..
nordis ski long..
they're going on ebay soon....

thanks, neil
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Damn, Jim -- you just can't resist tempting me with those Big Stix, can you?

Anthill -- $250 for those skis with those bindings is an absolute steal. They might be a smidge long for Eastern trees, but they'll make you a better skier.
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Yeah, sucks being 3000km from the Rockies... my memories of Whistler alpine are fading fast. Will get out there next winter, that's for sure.

Since I haven't demoed any skis but the 666s (which I enjoyed), I'm trying to cross-check opinions on equipment, e.g at the TGR forums. I know they go harder on their gear than I will, but it seems like a good resource. They sure like the Legend Pros, at least.

Right now I'm thinking that 777s with Rossi FKS 155s would be pretty ideal, but since that's based on consensus reviews, I'm sure every other JONG on the net has the same opinion. What to do. Thanks for the offers, I'm still thinking!
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Also, backcountry.com has the elan 777 in a 192 for $377, http://www.backcountry.com/store/ELA...ml?id=kqZxsusX. I'm not sure if they'll ship it to Canada.
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elan 777's 184cm

I have a pair of 3 year old Elan 777's in 184cm.

They are well used but still skiable with Marker
Powerpoint 1400 bindings.

I'm thinking around $199. plus shipping.

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So much temptation. The LPs are still calling my name, but my conscience is telling me they're out of my budget. Since I junked both my bent MSLs and prereleasing Marker bindings (won't ski those again), I figure I should only spend about $400... : or maybe just a bit beyond. Source of Denial's 777s in 192 seem like the best option for me right now...
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Also - 32m radius on the LPs!?!?!?! No wonder you have to go 40mph to wake them up! I loved carving my 43m MSL 215s, but it didn't happen very often... (oh and Tyrone, this long+straight post you linked to elsewhere made my day.)
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Head iM82(172), new still in wrapping

I have new(08') iM82s , 172cm still in plastic wrapping.
~$450 (+ship)
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I should have something for you in a week or so, last spring I delaminated a pair of Monster 88's after about 100 days on them, sent them back and Head sent me a pair of 08 Monster 88's in a 186. New tribal design shown on the Head website.
In Ontario, spent last years in Whistler but relocated this summer.
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Thanks for the responses, guys - I'm out of the ski market for now though, I picked up some surplus ninthward firstbloods in a 190 via the TGR group buy. Mediocre skis, but for $170 not a bad deal.
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