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Great News for W/B Season's Pass Holders!

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They've extended our season's pass lift priviledges to allow us to ski/ride until June 17th! I've skied on the glacier in the summer season before, and all of the features make it a blast. It's really nice to have real mogul runs and terrain parks put together too.
Should be fun, as long as the sun comes back! The alpine temps hit about 70 F (21 C) last weekend. Now it's back to fresh snowfall, if you can believe it!!
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Do yu mean extended from the original date of June 2? So the gondola to the top is open now?
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Blackcomb had the Excalibur gondola, along with some of the lifts above it open daily through to June 3rd. On June 4th, they switched to access from the Village North, meaning they're now operating the Wizard, Solar Coaster, an alpine shuttle bus, then the 7th heaven chair to access the skiable terrain on Horstman Glacier (with its 2 "floating" glacier t-bars). They had always intended on keeping skiing available 7 days a week until the end of July or early August, but what's now become a bonus, is that winter 06/07 season's passholders can keep skiing for no extra charge and use their pass until June 17th, rather than it having expired on June 3rd. Otherwise, unlimited skiing until the end of July would have cost $209.
I sense that you're confusing the Whistler gondola that goes up the north side of Whistler mtn. from the main village as being reopened, when it's down for maintenance until the end of June.
With the 7th heaven chair being open for access, the snow coverage is so good that I'll bet doing laps on the Couloir Extreme (formerly Saudan Couloir) will be possible until late June/early July, but you may have to take the bus ride back to the chair to make it back up. It would still provide a great last run off the glacier all the same.
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You are correct Beric, in late May we had taken the Excalibur gondola then chairs above and skied through what I believe was the Jersey Cream, and the Park side, or traversed to 7th heaven - our preference. At that time the t-bars above were closed. Thanks. I'll check the web out, w/cold rainy nights in b'ham lately, wouldn't be surprised if it hadn't snow on top recently. PS: noted a tad bit of construction going on on the hwy up there, what a big big big endeavor, but no doubt it will be done. Unbelievably beautiful drive ... oh my.
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A friend of mine that works at Whistler/Blackcomb told me this morning that it snowed 24 cm (10 inches) up there last night! It's sloppy wet stuff, but adds to the base depth all the same. Given the surprise snowstorm, they decided not to open this morning, because the bus-driven connector road from the top of Solar Coaster to the bottom of 7th heaven chair needed to be plowed all over again. It was also somewhat of a setback for the construction crew that are building the foundations for the Peak to Peak gondola up at the 6,000 foot elevation.
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