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Fox Bay condos in Park City

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I'm considering Fox Bay condos which are out near Jordanelle Gondola. We will have cars. I don't mind a little drive from condo to civilization, but don't want to feel like it's a big hassle to get to stores, restaurants etc. Any thoughts from locals or people who have been there.
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You are closer to Heber.
The drive is easy but is congested after the resort closes.
You are pretty remote, isolated, but the views are outstanding.
It will be easier for you to go shopping in Heber unless you want to go to Home Depot.
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Thanks. That's what I needed to know.
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I should have said the drive to the condo from PC will be congested after the resort closes. If you ski DV you actually have a very convenient location, and if you drive into PC after the day you are going against traffic. It is very close to PC, about ten minutes if I am correct, so it isn't that bad of a location but you will have to rely 100% on driving.

There are some decent restaurants in Heber and Midway.
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My wife and I lived there for about six or seven months. If you don't want to feel isolated, this is not for you. You're only five minutes to the DV gondola, but a 15 minute drive to any civilization. You can definitely get a good deal, though.
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Fox Bay Utah

I rented there Christmas week in 2004 and liked the place so much that I purchased the only unit they had on the market. The units are new, fully equipped with fireplace, 2 bedroom 2 bath, in unit washer and dryer and reserved garaged parking, close to the Jordanelle Reservoir and Deer Valley Gondola. The drive to Park City is real time less well less than 15 minutes although it does at times seem further. The views can’t be beat. As you know, you will need a car. It is a residential complex and is therefore quiet. If you want to live like a local, it is a great place. Good luck.
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Thanks for info. We're booked into Fox Bay. Looking forward to next winter.
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