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REI question

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Does anyone know REI sale schedule information, either current or the general pattern from past years?

In particular, I remember 50% off deals on an any item on their website with a $xx.83 price. Is that an annual or recurring sale, and if so, any clues when to expect it?

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It seems to me that their sales pretty much match up with the end of each season. I don't recall the xx.83 sale you mentioned so can't be sure about that.

Have you tried reioutlet.com?
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Yup, checked the outlet too, thanks. Some OK stuff on both regular and outlet sites but it would be stupid to buy a .83 item and then see it cut 50% next week.
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Call up a local store and ask them. Long time experienced employees will know the traditional dates and brands that go on sale, and more importantly they won't act like it's a big secret that they can't tell you about.
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Rei is one of my all time favorite stores, great knowledge staff and service, great return policies and they say one of the best companies to work for so great employee satisfaction. They typically have end-of-the-season sales that rival their on-line oulet store and that at times is saying something. Their on-line outlet store sometimes will rival steepandcheap in pricing ... it's all good. One other unique fact of local REI stores (I don't think they are coordinatated with other stores but am not certain), is they have periodic "garage sale" dates scheduled when people/members bring in their used stuff for sale, typically long lines to get in this sale where I live. There ya go!
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only ever been in two of their stores the Seattle flagship store...wow, 4 or is it 5 floors and a ski department bigger than the average store and Bellingham [which is where i was going to]

love em, and we don't have REI in the UK
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As a side note - never thought I'd become an REI member... became one last year. Have saved $$ on service/ski mounts (only $20 for members - never had any problems with several mounts...), products, ski ticket discounts... Also, when a member they put you on a mailing list for local sales - some are outdoor, parking lot sales - huge savings! You also receive "20% off" coupons for one full priced product and I just received one the other day for "take another 20% off" of any outlet item. As mentioned - service and the return policy rivals that of SAC/Backcountry.
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My REI membership has been one of the all-time best investments. It's a once/lifetime $15 fee (NOT annual) and the 10% annual dividend (on non-sale merchandise) more then covers sales tax. There is a window of several months each year when you can use that dividend to get an additional 20% off any non-sale item (except canoes and kayaks, as I recall).

And despite what some competitors say, REI's prices are not boosted to compensate for the dividend.

They are known for one of the most outstanding return policies out there - there was an article in the Seattle Times several months ago about a climber returning his 20+ year old down climbing suit that had languished in his garage; and I once heard someone return X-C skiis that were several years old because he'd decided that they were "the wrong length." We try not to abuse that policy, but it is nice to know that it's there if needed.

No, I don't work for REI. Just a very satisfied cuistomer for many years.

BTW, the Seattle flagship store is only 3 levels (if you include the rental department), but it is large and well-organized. The Denver store seems as large, but a rather confusing combination of many small floors.

My only complaint is that they no longer do performance ski rentals, and the last DH rentals I used from them sucked in sucky snow.
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could have sworn there were more...maybe it was just all the steps up to it from the mountain bike test track and off road path around the plot
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