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September 16th, 1996: After receiving 4" of snow just after Labor Day, the Wasatch was hit with a pulse of snow storms during the next several days that culminated in substantial amounts at the four Cottonwood resorts. The snow level had dropped below 5,000 ft. by morning, with accumulations on the sign at the canyon entrance.
Never one to spurn a gift from heaven, I was up at Snowbird making turns on Regulator Johnson the following day.
By the time the "skiable" snowstorm story made the news that night, viewers who may have been stirred to make similar plans were sadly disappointed, as there wasn't much left to ski by the 18th.

The Utah season opened earlier than usual--Solitude tried to open by Halloween, supplementing with machine snow at every opportunity, but a couple of warm days ruined their plans.

Brighton was the first to open the '96-'97 season (on November 6th) and kicked-off what turned out to be an above-normal snow year.

[--excerpted from my ski journals, '92-'02]

Have you got any past memorable early season reports to help all of us through the next few weeks?
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I don't remember the year, but the year chair 9 at Crystal was built, I skied Nov 8. The new chair wasn't open or even finished yet but the rest of the mountain was fine. Someone here ought to remember what year that was.
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