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Mt. Hutt Village, NZ

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Does anybody have any lodging reccomendations at Methven? I'm not into real luxury just clean and with a little access to apre ski activity and dining. Definitely under $200NZ. I'm a first timer for New Zealand, I loved the Andes but I can't stand any more of South America.
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If you are going for skiing alone, ditch the whole Mt Hutt idea. (or, should I use the local nickname; Mt. Shut) Not only are high winds knocking that place out of operation, but the terrain is super flat.

go to wanaka, the best chair/resort access is Treble Cone.

If you are a BC nut, hit up the club fields scattered around the south island. I assure you, the club fields (assuming you can ski and like the occasional hike) offer phenominal skiing.
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I didn't know that the place was strictly an intermediate (super flat, as you say). I don't like hiking in alpine skis though to get to runs. Also, the availability of shuttle transportation from the hotel is a big factor; I do not want to bother with a car. Is wind a problem all season? I plan to go the last two weeks of August and the first week of Sept. What is a "BC" nut ?!! Bad cerveca? Barely climbable? British Columbia? Bomb chutes?
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Back Country nut. I then assume you aren't. Which would then aim you away from the club fields. (they're secluded and also require a car.)

Anyway, research wanaka and queenstown. they are sister-cities just one mountain pass away from one another. Both access different terrain. Queenstown has much more night life than Wanaka, but Wanaka is where the "core" ski-scene is situated... due to Treble Cone. (Most would argue that TC offers the best lift-accessed terrain in NZ.) And that's not to say that Wanaka doesn't party.

I don't recall if there are hotel shuttles or not, most of the ski resorts are a bit out of town. But I would just suggest contacting hotels directly. Sorry, I don't have any to recommend.

check this link http://www.snow.co.nz/

*edit; there are private shuttles. I took one from a youth hostel in christchurch to Mt. Hutt once.
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The Ski Time Lodge is a good place to stay. With regards to shutting, I've found it is never more than 1 day a week and you are rewarded with fantastic snow the next day. Also you can often find one of the nearby club fields will still be open.
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I collaborated on this summary of NZ skiing after my 3rd trip there last August: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/ind...article&sid=14 .

In general I recommend having a car in New Zealand. With no trees it's tough to ski at any NZ area during storms. So it pays to have the car and a flexible schedule to enjoy the numerous NZ alternative activities on down days. Queenstown is the best location without a car since shuttles run from there to all 4 Southern Lakes areas.

I agree that Treble Cone has the best terrain. Mt. Hutt is not that bad, though my only day there was in 1982. And the club areas are mostly in Canterbury, near Mt. Hutt but far from the Southern Lakes group.
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Well clearly Samuri has no clue.....so here are some tips for ya....

Mt Hutt is a great place to ski...DEFINATLEY not flat....head over the back, or come down the face into the road just before the parking lot/lower chair and it is as steep as any lift serviced terrain in NZ...it also has the most vertical...TC is a good option...but bang for your buck, cant beat Methven. As for high winds...ya it happens, but usually only down for a day or so....rarely ever get a few days shut in a row.

If you want to ski the club fields as Samuri suggested...they are all located near Methven...no club fields near Queenstown or Wanaka. If you pick your field you can drive right to the lift...some are a hike thou. Easy to rent a car in Methven if you need to....
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gee... thanks.

I still won't go back to Hutt. Cardrona and Coronet were also boring. But don't take my word for it, I only have around 100 days logged in down there.
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Originally Posted by samurai View Post
gee... thanks.

I still won't go back to Hutt. Cardrona and Coronet were also boring. But don't take my word for it, I only have around 100 days logged in down there.
I don't really care where you ski....but the guy asked for advice....not your garbage....Hutt is definatley not flat.....Coronet is flat..Remarkables mostly flat unless you hike....TC...is good...but you also told him to try some club fields.....no club fields near there...they are all up by Hutt....your 100 days....please that is what...1 season? whoo hoo....expert for sure...:
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Okay, flame war over.

sorry this thread got jacked.

Oh.. and check out that link I provided above. This is an american site.
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